A Path to Self-Healing: Tuning into Your Body’s Signals

How Do I Know What My Next Step Is On My Healing Journey?

Hey beautiful souls, gather ‘round. I’ve got some juicy tips to share with you today about figuring out what your next step is on your healing journey.

Are you just dipping your toes into doing inner work and have no clue where to start?

Are you a seasoned personal growth junkie looking for guidance on how to keep evolving?

Then this one’s definitely for you.

Where It All Began For Me…

To give you some backstory, when I first started on my own healing path, I went hard consuming ALL the personal development info out there.

I was a ravenous student – reading every self-help book, listening to every podcast episode, attending all the workshops. You name it, I did it!

I was obsessed with learning everything I could about human psychology, emotional healing, relationships, communication, spirituality – the list goes on.

It all started when I learned about the Enneagram from my bestie. Getting those insights into my core motivations and patterns was like a key turning in a lock – it cracked me open.

This personality test made me realize I had been using helping others as an escape from myself. I gave from empty places inside just to feel worthy of love.

I became voraciously curious…why did I do what I did? Who was I beneath the masks?

I couldn’t get enough of therapies, modalities, and teachings that could help me understand myself at a deeper level.

It was all so fascinating…yet also overwhelming at times! I had no clue where to focus or what to work on next.

I spent a lot of time and money trying ALL the things, lol. Not every approach was the right fit for me, so there was some trial and error.

With so much data floating around in my head, I often felt paralyzed by indecision over what step to take next.

Until I realized I’d been going about this all wrong…

I Was Looking Outside Myself For The Answers

Here’s the deal – when it comes to your personal growth, YOU are the only one with the map and keys. No one can tell you exactly what to do next.

Instead of obsessively looking OUTSIDE myself for the next step, I had to start looking WITHIN.

Rather than chasing the latest hot trend in self-help, I had to get quiet and listen to my inner wisdom. Tune into what my mind, body, and spirit were telling me they specifically needed next.

This was a game-changer for me! Once I made this mental shift, the way forward became much clearer.

I went from feeling overwhelmed and stunted to feeling excited by the unlimited possibilities ahead of me.

And I realized my healing journey didn’t have to be this rigid, linear process. I had the power to customize it in a way that made sense for ME.

Here are some of the strategies I use for figuring out what my next step is, which I think could help you, too!

Let Your Mind Be Your Guide

One way I gain clarity is by getting curious about what’s presently showing up for me and asking myself questions like:

  • What has been coming up for me lately in my relationships/career/health/etc?
  • How does life/business/dating/family/etc feel to me right now?
  • Is there anything I’m avoiding or feel resistance around?
  • What topic or situation feels like it’s taking up a lot of mental bandwidth?
  • Is there something that feels out of harmony or liminal? Like it’s asking for my attention?

As I reflect on these questions, I start noticing themes arise. Certain relationships, situations, or patterns that feel extra tense, sticky, or anxiety-producing for me at the moment.

Then I get uber-curious about those specific things. I ask myself:

  • Why do I feel uncomfortable here?
  • What old stories or habits feel triggered?
  • What if I leaned INTO this rather than avoiding it?
  • How would it feel to give this my full attention?
  • What support or resources do I need to explore this further?

When I get radically honest with myself in this way, it becomes much clearer where there are opportunities for growth wanting my attention.

Let Your Body Lead The Way

Another way I figure out my next step is by tapping into my somatic wisdom – aka my body!

Our bodies hold so much untapped guidance. Tuning into my body gives me huge clarity on where I need to direct my focus.

I start by asking myself questions like:

  • How does my body feel in general day to day? Grounded? Calm? Energized? Anxious?
  • How does my body feel in certain relationships or situations?
  • Are there any topics, places, or people that make my body feel tense or shut down?
  • What sensations arise in my body when I think about _?

When I consciously check in like this, I quickly get insight into where I might be harboring unseen tension or resistance.

I pay close attention to any situations that make my body feel contracted, unsafe, or energetically “off”.

The wisdom of my body always leads me right to the areas that need tender, loving attention. It knows what I need even better than my rational mind does!

Give Yourself Permission To Follow Your Own Rhythm

One trap I see a lot of people fall into is feeling pressured to force their healing journey to look a certain way.

We’ve been conditioned to see life through a metric of success and failure. This leads us to put unrealistic expectations on how our growth “should” look.

But healing isn’t linear. There’s no perfect formula or checklist.

YOUR path is unique to you. Only by surrendering the need to control or rush can you access the magic.

As you tune into your inner wisdom, give yourself permission to follow it at YOUR pace. Let it unfold organically like a blooming rose.

Resist comparing yourself to others – we each have our own rhythm and are exactly where we need to be.

When in doubt, take baby steps! Small daily progress adds up to massive transformation over time.

You Got This, Soul Sister!

While healing work can feel intimidating at first, the more you do it, the more it weaves itself into the fabric of your daily life.

Practice self-inquiry and body awareness consistently, and you’ll develop “self healing muscles”.

It becomes second nature to check in with your inner guidance around taking the next right step for you.

And remember – be gentle with yourself through it all! This is a lifelong journey.

As long as you’re moving forward with your heart open, you’re doing it perfectly. ✨

You are the wisest guide on your path. Learning to tune into and trust yourself is the most important practice of all.

I believe in you, and I’m walking beside you on this journey in spirit!

If you want to hear the full episode this post was based on, check out Episode 4 of my podcast “The Fully Expressed with Karenna”!

Let me know in the comments what most resonated with you.

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