Finding Wholeness in Motherhood After Trauma: Beth Schild’s Story

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Let’s talk about something that touches us all deeply – our emotional well-being. I was recently joined by Beth, a trauma-informed life coach, on “The Fully Expressed Podcast.” Her story, rich with insights into overcoming emotional struggles, is something I believe many of us can relate to and learn from.

Beth’s journey of tackling anxiety, depression, and religious trauma, and how she found healing and self-love, is both inspiring and illuminating.

Navigating Through Anxiety and Depression

Beth’s story begins with her battle against anxiety and depression, emotions that many of us have faced at some point. Her candid sharing about these struggles sheds light on the importance of acknowledging and addressing mental health issues. It’s a reminder that the journey to healing often starts with recognizing our inner battles.

The Impact of Religious Trauma

One of the most profound aspects of Beth’s journey was her experience with religious trauma. Her story offers an eye-opening perspective on how deeply embedded beliefs and experiences can shape our emotional landscape. It’s a powerful discussion about the importance of questioning and healing from these deep-seated traumas.

Embracing Inner Child Work

Beth found a transformative tool in inner child work – a therapeutic practice that involves connecting with and healing the childlike aspects of ourselves. Her experience illustrates how this practice can be a gateway to understanding and healing past traumas. It’s a testament to the power of looking inward for healing.

Finding Self-Love and Empowerment

Perhaps the most beautiful part of Beth’s story is her journey to self-love. She talks about how embracing her true self and practicing self-compassion led her to a place of empowerment. Her experience is a vivid reminder of the strength that comes from self-acceptance.

Beth’s story, as shared on the podcast, is a beacon of hope for anyone navigating their own emotional struggles. It illustrates that, though the journey may be challenging, healing and self-love are within reach.

Her story encourages us to face our emotional challenges head-on and embrace the journey of healing, reminding us that true strength lies in vulnerability and self-compassion.

Listen to the full episode for the full story.

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