Finding Your Voice: The Path to Self-Expression and Authenticity

Growing up, many of us were taught that silence is golden and that being agreeable is the safest route to avoid conflict. But as we grow older, we start to realize the power of our voice, the value of expressing our opinions and feelings, and the transformative effect it can have on our lives. In a recent episode of the Fully Expressed podcast with Karenna, we delve into the journey of finding and embracing our voice.

This episode, “Solo Episode: The Importance of Expressing Yourself with Your Voice”, brings into focus the significance of using our voice, not just for communication but for our personal growth and self-perception. Karenna shared her personal experience of being the ‘quiet kid,’ the ‘yes-girl,’ and how this behaviour often left parts of herself behind.

But why is it important to use our voice? By verbalizing our thoughts, we invite others to understand our perspective, contributing to deeper connections and more authentic relationships. Furthermore, expressing ourselves can lead to self-acceptance and release us from the shame of concealing our true thoughts and feelings.

But let’s face it: finding and using our voice is a journey fraught with fear and hesitation. The fear of judgment, of conflict, of being misunderstood can be daunting. However, as Karina aptly puts it, “by not sharing your voice, by not using your words, by not speaking for yourself, you are completely leaving so many parts of you behind.”

There’s an interesting analogy made in the podcast, comparing our silent selves to a child. If we silence our voice, it’s as if we are silencing a child within us. But when we do express ourselves, it’s like giving that child the chance to be heard, understood, and accepted. It’s a form of liberation, a healing process that brings about an inner transformation.

We also learn about the four stages of using our voice – facing discomfort, feeling initial relief after expressing ourselves, experiencing second thoughts or ’emotional hangover’, and finally, practicing reassurance. Each stage is a step forward on the journey to self-acceptance and authenticity.

And what’s more exciting? In the coming month, the Fully Expressed podcast with Karenna will be sharing live interviews from their launch party, bringing more insights on using our voice and the importance of openness and honesty in communication.

This episode is a gentle reminder that our voice matters. It’s a nudge for us to step into our truth to express ourselves without fear or hesitation. After all, finding our voice is not just about speaking out loud. It’s about finding our inner strength, our unique identity, and living an authentic life. So, let’s continue this journey together, supporting each other as we seek to live our most authentic lives.

Listen to the full episode for the full story.

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