My Journey to Loving My Body: Preparing Mind, Body and Soul for Breast Implant Removal Surgery

After 10 years of living with breast implants, I’ve made the decision to go through explant surgery to remove them – both for my physical health and to embrace my natural body again. While the date is set and the surgeon booked, I know the real work begins long before I enter the operating room. The path of learning to love yourself unconditionally requires preparation on emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

In this vulnerable post, I’ll take you inside my holistic preparation process for my upcoming breast implant removal surgery.

Processing Old Emotions

Although the implants will soon be gone, they’re deeply intertwined with my body image and sense of self. I got them at 20 years old to alter my appearance, not yet comfortable in my own skin. As I’ve grown into self-love, those old insecurities still linger under the surface.

That’s why processing old emotions around my implants has been crucial. I’ve opened up to my partner about my feelings. I’m learning to be vulnerable with close friends. And I’m using somatic therapy practices to identify, feel and release emotions as they arise.

Whether it’s anger at myself for getting implants I didn’t need, grief over saying goodbye to my post-implant body, or flickers of those old body image demons, I’m allowing it space to be felt. My goal is to enter the surgery with mindfulness and self-compassion, not suppressed trauma.

Physical Preparation and Natural Healing

Caring for the emotional layers is only half the battle – I also want to physically prepare my body for the stress of surgery. My regimen includes:

  • Chiropractic alignment to get my nervous system and posture ready
  • Acupuncture for pain reduction, anxiety relief and organ function
  • Lymphatic drainage massage to detox, reduce swelling and support immunity
  • Anti-inflammatory diet and cutting out inflammatory foods
  • Supplements like ASEA to strengthen and detox my cells

I’ll continue this protocol after surgery to optimize healing. And I’m open to additional holistic support like therapy, somatic sessions or ceremonies if called to more inner work.

Honoring My Authentic Body

While removing my breast implants is an important milestone, the real transformation is an internal one – learning to honor my body just as it is.

I know the post-surgery period may bring up complicated feelings as I adjust to my new (old) chest. But I’m committed to receiving it with radical self-love.

Each day, I’ll look in the mirror and tell myself: You are perfect as you are. You are worthy of unconditional love. There is nothing to fix about your sacred vessel.

This experience is strengthening my self-trust and deepening my relationship to my body. And I’m excited to share more of the journey with you!

Have you done inner work to make peace with your body? What holistic healing practices help you care for your whole self – mind, body and spirit? Share your thoughts below!

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