Owning Your Sexuality As A Path To Confidence And Self-Love

What does it mean to own and embrace your sexuality fully? My friend Hannah Deindorfer joined me on my podcast to explore this intimate topic.

Hannah went on a powerful journey of discovering her sexual identity, freeing herself from shame and expectations.

Her experience taught me so much about stepping into my feminine confidence and power.

Uncovering Hidden Desires

For years, Hannah focused on pleasing partners without regard for her own needs. She performed sexuality based on external validation, not inner truth.

But deep down, unexpressed passions were stirring. Hannah’s partner encouraged exploring her sensuality, which planted the seed…

She started learning about kink, BDSM and non-vanilla sexual expression. Hannah discovered freedom through an emphasis on conscious consent, articulating her desires out loud.

Rather than surviving sex, Hannah finally gave herself permission to ASK for the pleasure and play she craved!

Healing My People-Pleasing Tendencies

As a recovering people-pleaser myself, Hannah’s story resonated deeply. I used to make sex about my partner’s fulfillment alone.

But mutually passionate intimacy requires clearly voicing your longings.

When you honor your authentic “yes”, your “no” becomes trustworthy too. This builds true confidence.

Like Hannah, owning my sexuality helped me set boundaries in other areas of life. If I can speak up naked in bed, I can speak up clothed anywhere!

Fluidity Is Normal

What about those desires society deems “taboo”? Kink lives in the realm beyond “vanilla” sex.

But taboo is subjective. Kink can be any consensual exploration outside your norm.

We can play roles in the bedroom that we don’t express publicly. For example, a shy wife might become a dominatrix at night!

When we embrace the full spectrum of sexuality, we integrate more of ourselves. We shine brighter.

Keep An Open Mind

Has some part of you wanted to explore new erotic possibilities…yet shame holds you back?

Consider this permission to get curious – safely and consensually!

Sexuality is a lifelong adventure. What lights you up now may be different tomorrow. Give yourself room to play and evolve without judgment.

Above all, know you are WORTHY of pleasure exactly as you are. Claim your sensual birthright proudly, sisters!

To hear my full chat with Hannah on embracing your sexuality and more, check out Episode 7 of The Fully Expressed podcast.

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