Episode #40: How Can Checking In On Mental Health Save Lives?

Written by: Karenna Soto
The Fully Expressed Podcast
The Fully Expressed Podcast
Episode #40: How Can Checking In On Mental Health Save Lives?

Have you ever thought about the life-saving impact of simply checking in on someone’s mental health? In this heartfelt solo episode of “The Fully Expressed,” I dive deep into the importance of mental health awareness, particularly during Mental Health Awareness Month. I share personal insights and experiences about the crucial need for checking in on friends and loved ones, as well as the significance of seeking help when you need it.

In this episode, I highlight the emotional impact of mental health struggles and the profound effects of reaching out to others. I discuss practical strategies for finding the right mental health support, whether it’s through therapists, coaches, or group therapy. I emphasize the importance of open communication and creating a safe space for others to express their feelings.

You can read the full podcast transcript for this episode below:

Welcome to the fully expressed podcast with Karenna.
I am your podcast host, Karenna Soto.
And this is the show where we have conversations that invite you into living your life, fully expressed, bringing your fullest expressed self into your life, relationships and business.
I truly believe that each and every single one of you listening to this podcast and in this world and that I connect with, I’ve been given a gift to fully express your most authentic self.
And in this podcast, we really talk about different, have different conversations about what that really means at different seasons, different stages as well as in relationship and life and businesses.
So, thank you so much for being here today.
We’re going to be doing a little solo episode with me and in the solo sesh, I’m going to give you a little bit of an update about what’s been present for me and where I’m at.
Where am I at in my journey and, and life with living this fully expressed self.
And also we’re going to keep on to the theme of mental health awareness month.
So for the month of May, we’ve been doing everything around mental health because I wanted to bring awareness to mental health for the month of May.
And if you didn’t get a chance to listen to, make sure you go back to episode number 39 which was around finding balance with a DH T and mental health with Olivia.
Wetter. Olivia is one of my sisters that Ive met and has become literally like family to us.
And she has a back school, a background in school psychology.
She has coached thousands of women with a DH D and she very much still stands and has a lifestyle brand around a PH D.
And so that would be perfect to bring her on to the episode.
She fully talked about what it’s like to live in our world today with a DH D and what it’s like to struggle with mental health and have challenges around her mental health.
And she was so open and also just give really great tangible tools that she had found supportive to her and a different perspective.
So make sure to go listen to that, whether you’re someone that has ADHD or you have someone in your life that you are supporting with a DH D and feel free to share that episode with them.
So they can be a little bit more seen, heard and understood as well as given a path to also living their life fully expressed.
So where am I at?
Where is life, where is Rena?
So I’ve openly spoken about how I’ve been going head forward in my speaking business.
It’s been really, really fun.
I have been preparing for that coming up.
I have some really big speaking cakes coming up in June.
I’m so excited for them and it’s been such a beautiful journey and witnessing that I am a professional speaker and that people want to hire me and t really leaning into those things and it’s been such a gift.
If anyone ever wants to reach out to me about what it’s like to start creating your speaking business, like, feel free.
I actually just someone that I met at a past speaking gig, she reached out and like she was like, oh my gosh, like you were so elegant.
How did you do that?
What is it like to be a speaking co, a professional speaker?
I’ve always wanted to do that.
And so I shared with her a few tips over email.
So always feel free to reach out to me if that is something that interests or even of interest of like, you know, what it’s like to pivot in your journey and how to transition your skill set and your gifts and your passions into its own evolution to the next evolution of your professional self as well as aligning with your most authentic self.
So always reach out if you’re interested in learning a little bit about that, separately from focusing on business, I was just super sick last week and this last week has been an interesting dance of fully listening to where my body is at, as well as continuing to show up for the things that are very important.
This last week, the thing is that God was really on my side this last week where I didn’t necessarily have a lot that I had to focus on or execute on.
There were definitely things that I needed to do to keep the ball moving and keep momentum going, but nothing was due, which was great.
So I really, really took some time this last week to be with myself, took some time off the gram.
This last weekend, haven’t really checked on emails and I did all of that today.
So I’m feeling much better and I am ready to get after it.
That’s the last week of May, which is so wild and absolutely crazy.
And I can’t believe June is around the corner.
I have so many big things that are coming up for me and I’m excited to tackle them.
The other thing that’s been really present in aligned with Mental Health Awareness Month has been this, I mean, it’s come up multiple times over the last couple of days, one from people that are struggling with their mental health or haven’t really given themselves permission to embrace parts of themselves, which has led to hurting other people to people that I know that have potentially committed suicide to hearing about suicide.
More and more over the last couple of days.
And I don’t know if it’s like mental health awareness month because everything is just coming up for me and coming around me.
But it has been this sweet, sweet reminder of so many things and that’s what I wanted to come on here and talk about is the importance of checking in with your people and checking in with yourself.
I think this is something that we don’t do enough of and it brings tears to my eyes to think that someone out there is considering not being here with us in this world that they believe that by not being here, life could be better.
And that makes me really, really sad and not to get emotional this last week of the, of the, of the series or of May.
But it, it’s really real, it’s really real that people are struggling with their mental health.
It’s really, really real that people think that not being here would be better.
It’s really real that people only see that and you know, when someone’s really, really stuck in their process and has does not have a capacity to see outside of all the pain and the c and the thoughts and negative thoughts and thoughts about suicide.
It’s very, very real that they get hyper vigilant and hyper focused on those thoughts like that, that is very, very real.
And when someone’s really in that, you know, they don’t see outside of themselves.
And sometimes we could be like, well, why didn’t they reach out for help?
Why didn’t they tell me, to be honest?
That’s the last thing that they’re thinking about, you know, they’re for the most part.
And this is totally my own opinion.
Like, and I believe that, you know, they’re already sitting in so much shame and guilt and trying to breathe and survive that day that they don’t really have the thought to reaching out.
And so I want to invite you all that are listening to this episode to, to reach out to 12345 friends today or people that you love and just check in with them and like truly check in with them, check in with them and just say more than how are you, you know, you ask how, how you’re doing there like I’m good, what’s up, man?
What’s up with you?
We’re like, I’m good.
Everything’s great.
Work is busy.
I want you to ask them how they’re really doing underneath the surface of that and truly get in there with them because that’s the kind of love our world needs.
It really does.
And this world needs that amount of love and needs the kind of love that we check in on each other below the surface below what’s going on in our day to day, what’s really going on internally.
So we can be there for people.
It’s not necessarily, it could be the thing that saves someone because we check in on them and we show them that we love them and that they’re seen, heard and understood.
It can 100% be that.
But in the simplest moments, you’re giving someone the opportunity to let someone into their world when usually the world that they’re in.
If this is that the place that they’re in, it’s a really, really dark world.
And so what I really want, come on here for this week’s episode is talk about the importance of checking in with people.
And if you’re listening to this and you’re really craving for someone to check in on you, I want to invite you into thinking about if there’s someone out there that you feel really safe with, that, you feel like you can really reach out to and that you know that they can, that they listen.
I want to invite you to pick up the phone, drive your car, send a text message, send an email, send an Instagram D M.
However you want to communicate, send a whatsapp message and just say, hey, I really need someone to talk to you.
Are you available right now?
I think the hardest thing sometimes is us being able to be open about how we’re feeling in these moments.
And a part of living our fullest express self is really learning how to express ourselves also in the v in the most vulnerable way in the messiest ways and this is my invitation to you that if you’re also feeling like you could really listen, have an ear or if you could really be honest with someone, reach out to someone that you feel safe with.
, the next step to this is if you do not find someone that you feel safe with, to be honest about how you’re feeling or you really feel like it would be really helpful to have a professional in your life.
I wanna invite you into finding a professional.
So what does that mean?
So you can find someone that is a talk therapist, a psychologist, psychiatrist, a coach, if you wanted someone that is there to listen to you.
And I get this question all the time of like, well, how do you find the, the best therapist or how do you find the best coach that’s meant to be there for me?
There’s a couple really good questions that you can ask yourself to prepare yourself for searching for someone at the very first or you can even sorry.
Another person is also a counselor, for example.
So we’re talking about therapist, coach, psychiatrists and counselors.
And so the very first question to ask yourself, if you’re interested in searching for someone to support you with your mental health, to support you in this season is asking yourself well, what do you need?
What would be really supportive right now?
Is it, is it talking it out?
Is it finding someone just to be able to talk it out and work through what’s going on in your mind, then maybe talk therapy would really, really well, if you know that you have experienced trauma in your life, such like deep trauma, like relational trauma and physical trauma abuse in your life, then I would reach out to a therapist that is, is specifically experienced and that asking yourself like, do I have trauma in my life?
Is there a very specific thing that I want to work through?
And could I do that?
And then looking for a therapy so I could help you in that?
And then the other kinds of questions I would also ask myself like, who would I feel safest with?
And what kind of person do I feel safe with?
Am I looking to work with the male?
Am I looking to work with a female?
Am I looking someone to work with that understands my culture and that is similar to me?
You know, all these different kinds of characteristics, qualities are out there for you as you’re searching for your therapist.
And now when you get out there and you start searching and you start googling whether that is through your insurance or outside of your insurance and you’re asking yourself like, oh, how can I get to know how can I find the one that’s perfect for me or that’s gonna be good alignment?
One thing I want to get ahead of is, don’t get, it.
Don’t be too attached to finding the perfect therapist right away or finding the right therapist, jumping into finding a therapist, a coach, a psychiatrist, a counselor, whoever you step leading into is, is really being unattached of finding the right one right away.
Go into it as if you’re kind of like dating, getting to know a person, you know, you’re, you’re going out and reaching out to a professional to see if it’s a good fit to see if it’s someone that you feel safe with.
To see if it’s someone that you align with.
Maybe they get your world a little bit more, et cetera, et cetera.
One of those things like on psychology today or through your insurance, you can read a lot of bio in their web sites so you could totally read and see what their, what their vibes is, what their energy is.
Like, what, who, what kind of people they’ve worked with in the past, what their testimonials say and like just really do your research and what I would do if I were you is just get like a good handful of five professionals that you’re looking for, looking at and reach out to them, one by one, reach out to see if you can do a consultation or a quick call to meet them in person or online and just feel it out and then make a decision of who you really want to move forward with?
And so, and then when you’re with that person asking yourself, do I feel safe enough?
Can I be, do I feel safe to express myself fully?
Do I feel like I can communicate what’s really coming up for me?
Are they listening and give yourself a few sessions with them?
I think sometimes one or two sessions is a really good feeler to how you’re going to go with this person.
The other thing is, is like realizing that a relation you’re, once you’re stepping into this container, you like, you really are creating a relationship with that professional therapist, counselor, psychiatrist or coach and a a relationship can take some time.
You guys are getting to know each other.
And so I really think also coming into that space of like getting to know each other.
And then lastly, I would say whenever you’re starting to get the inkling of like, this isn’t a good fit for me or it’s no longer really aligning with me.
For some reason, I wanna invite you into if you feel comfortable bringing that up to your therapist and just expressing that and hopefully working through that or separately, just being ok with that and searching for another therapist, coach, counselor, psychiatrist that feels really aligned to you.
But the biggest thing is do some research, ask around to see if there’s anyone in your community and your group or friendships that really recommend someone and ask them why they would recommend them?
I think that’s another really good question.
Like why would you recommend this person?
What has this person really done for you?
How has this person supported you?
What do you love about this person?
And as you’re gaining all this feedback and all these data points, you can start to be like, OK, this is the kind of person that I want to be working with on these conversations myself and this inner growth.
And so I hope that you find that that is helpful for you as you’re going out on the path of searching for someone to speak to.
And then lastly, I want to also just remind you the importance of speaking to someone, like really letting someone into your world.
It’s, it’s the very first step to being able to accept and move through these emotions and these feelings and trust me, I understand there’s some things that feel very scary to say out loud.
You could be very insecure about something or you don’t want to say.
But when you do find that that container where you feel really safe, seen, understood and not judge for anything that comes up, you’ll be able to move through it.
And I truly believe that there’s a lot of love and healing and just being able to communicate through that the other thing that I have realized is that, you know, the body really does hold a lot of experiences of emotions suppressed emotions, past traumas.
And so you can also tackle this by doing other kinds of therapies such as somatic therapy, somatic experiencing therapy.
There’s about 60 plus 1000 therapists that have been E I S E I certify around the world and you can look up the somatic experiencing website and find a therapist that can help you with.
Somatic experiencing is the ability to be with trauma and dive deeper within the body and create a new relationship to that experience through these sensations that come up from your experience, which is really beautiful.
There’s other therapy, trauma, trauma therapy like E MD R, which really helps you work with trauma and the different sensations in your body.
And there’s hypnotherapists.
And so there’s different ways of getting deeper into your psychology.
And if you’re someone that has been doing this work for a long time, you can look into the deeper rooted therapy options to support you with your mental health.
If you’re new to this work, just starting to talk about it is so, so healing that is the very first step to this process.
And so again, whether you feel safe with someone to share with these things or you find someone that can really support you in that, I, I really think that just being able to talk about what’s on your heart, on your mind is going to be very, very supportive.
And if they can guide you and teach you and show you a different way while you’re also expressing yourself that is what is called, doing the work and listening to that.
And then also the last thing I will also put that it has been really supportive and very supportive to other people is group therapy or group coach programs.
The reason why group therapy and group coaching programs are just so supportive to really supporting you with your mental health is because when you start to hear other people also going through very similar experiences to yours, it really helps bring the walls down.
It really helps you realize that you’re not alone and no matter how much I know that every single time that I’m in some kind of group container or something like that.
And I hear someone else, I’m like, oh my gosh, me too.
And it helps me heal in a different way by hearing some loss of experiences.
And so group therapy, group programs are also so supportive if you’re ever looking for something like that to really support you in your process.
And yeah, if you have any other questions about where you are at with your mental health, that you’re really needing some kind of support system, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram at I AM CREO soto.
I’m always here to listen.
I’m always here to support you.
I’m happy to guide you and connect you and refer you to the different practitioners that I have come across people that I really connect with.
I’m happy to talk through what your experience is.
I think with mental health, there’s very many different ways that at healing modalities that you can start to support yourself, right?
to process emotions, process trauma, to process experiences, to grow, to see the world through different lens.
And depending on where you are in your journey, you know, that could be different.
And with that being said, I also say, just, just give yourself a chance to try different healing modalities.
There is very many different healing modalities that would be very supportive to try.
And as you try them, you’re gonna find the ones that really work for you.
It’s just a matter of trying them and finding the spaces that really the support and the tools that help you feel more regulated.
Because this is kind of one of those things that you tackle from many different angles, what you know, maybe you have a talk therapist, maybe you have a nutritionist that’s helping you specifically on making sure that your internal health is at 100%.
So you feel strong with your mental health.
Maybe it’s also trying Reiki, for example, energetic practices, energetic healing, breath, work, cold plunges.
I mean, there’s just such a deep wrath of healing modalities are now available to us in our world.
But if you are feeling overwhelmed with that, I definitely want to open the door for you reaching out to me on, on Instagram and saying, hey, Grean, like, I’m really struggling with this.
This is where I’m at and let’s get on a, let’s get on a 1530 minute phone call, a completely free consultation, not even consultation just in it’s an opportunity for you to talk to someone that has been in this world and also has experienced coaching women and coaching people and supporting them.
So I would be absolutely happy to, to guide you and refer you in the right direction.
Either way, the the primary point of this episode to free cap mental health is one check in with your people to check in with yourself and find support to really love you and support you in your mental health.
And you know, mental health is a journey and you’re not on this alone.
And I don’t want anyone to feel alone, but I want to invite you into really knowing that there are ways to feel better.
There are ways for you to feel like you can get a breath.
There are tools out there that can, that can support you in your process.
And that is the most important thing that I want you to take away from this podcast episode.
So thank you so much for listening to today’s short and quick solo episode with Karenna with your podcast host, tune in next month because we’re gonna be focusing on everything women’s health and so make sure to tune in next month, starting June, we’re going to do everything around women’s health, which I’m really excited for the podcast guests that are going to be coming onto the podcast.
I’ll be sharing some deep stories about my healing journey with my, my health as a woman and what it has been like to navigate this world as a woman.
And lastly, I really do want to ask you to share this podcast with someone to go ahead and leave me a review, whether you are an Apple podcast or on Spotify and just comment on it.
It really allows me to reach more people.
And the podcast for me is such a space to be able to give in more ways that I cant.
Yeah, you know, I am very honest, I am not necessarily the best person to creating Instagram posts and reaching out through marketing, but this is my way of giving to our world and on this podcast, I really through feeling really, really connected to you.
And so it’s always so good to hear from you.
So if anything comes up again, please feel free to reach out and I am thinking of you.
I am praying for you and I am thinking of every single person that may be struggling with their mental health today tomorrow and next week and next month because it is something that is so real and I don’t want any person to feel alone in that.
So sending you lots of love.
I hope you have had a great month of May.
Thank you so much for listening and stay tuned for all of the fun juicy, women’s health things that we’ll be talking into.

In this episode, I covered:

  • The emotional impact of mental health awareness and the importance of checking in on loved ones.
  • Practical steps for finding mental health support, including therapists, coaches, and group therapy.
  • Tips for creating a safe space for open communication and expressing emotions.
  • The importance of self-care and reaching out for help when needed.

Join me in this episode to explore the vital role of mental health awareness and the profound difference a simple check-in can make in someone’s life.

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Episode #40: How Can Checking In On Mental Health Save Lives?

Have you ever thought about the life-saving impact of simply checking in on someone's mental health? In this heartfelt solo episode of "The Fully Expressed," I dive deep into the importance of mental health awareness, particularly during Mental Health Awareness Month.

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