Episode #43: Personal Updates, Breast Explant Journey

Written by: Karenna Soto
The Fully Expressed Podcast
The Fully Expressed Podcast
Episode #43: Personal Updates, Breast Explant Journey

Have you ever wondered how fully embracing your body can lead to a more fulfilled and healthy life? In this deeply personal episode of “Fully Expressed Podcast,” I share my journey of removing my breast implants and the profound impact it has had on my health and self-love. We delve into the reasons behind my decision, the recovery process, and the remarkable changes I’ve experienced physically and emotionally since the surgery.

In this episode, I open up about the challenges and triumphs of navigating life post-explant. From dealing with unexpected pain to celebrating newfound strength and self-acceptance, this journey has been transformative. I discuss the importance of advocating for oneself in medical situations, the emotional rollercoaster of recovery, and the incredible benefits of living in a body that feels truly authentic and whole.

You can read the full podcast transcript for this episode below:

Welcome to the Fully express podcast with Karenna.
I am your podcast host, Karenna Soto.
And this is the show where we have conversations that truly invite you into living your life, fully express in life, relationships and business and having more of the conversations about what it actually looks like, like to shift your life to go through a transformation, to step into something into wanting more in your life, whether it is in your day to day life and what you want that to feel or how you want to feel in your relationships, you know, personal professional relationships, intimate relationships and, you know, and in business, you know, I truly believe that each and every single one of us that are here on this earth do have such an ability to bring all of us forward.
There’s so much healing that goes through that there’s so much unraveling that we have to do and so much unlearning that we have to do.
And I think our world and as a collective, we’re in a space of really, really craving depth transformation, more healing, divine, you know, living in mind, feeling uncapped, loved, being totally connected to spirit and just feeling so fucking good in our bodies and so on this podcast, we truly have different conversations around different topics in those three different areas to truly set the tone.
So we can all feel really fucking good in our own skin and really, really good as our most authentic selves because we deserve that.
The more and more I go out in the world, I connect with the people, communities, research, read books and realize, you know, there are a lot of people and a lot of us that just don’t feel good every single day and are most days, let’s not say every day because we’re human, right?
So we don’t feel good most days whether that is just in our physical body, but maybe even spiritually or mentally or emotionally, right?
There’s just so many different things that are going on in our humanness.
And I really want to continue to inspire those that are listening to this podcasts and those that I meet that they are capable of feeling good in their lives, they are capable of being fully loved for all of themselves.
And that is what this podcast is here for.
And if you haven’t noticed recently, I have been adding more structure to the podcast.
So I’ve been doing more series every single month and that is going to be my goal.
I feel like I’m going to do as many series as possible.
So you can see what kinds of topics, we’re going to be talking every single month one because I’ve realized that there’s so many different directives or nuances or details to the different topics that we bring onto the podcast and conversations.
And so wanting to be able to capture all of that within the month and stay within a theme.
And then also, like, I feel like there’s going to be some months where I’m going to be a little bit more creative and inspirational and flowy and feminine and not as masculine in my structure.
But I really think that the structure of the podcast is going to provide you guys with a lot of value.
I am constantly thinking about what more I can do for you here with the capacity that I do have the season and that I am in my life.
And yeah, I’m just so grateful for each of you that I’ve been listening.
I also want to mention that for those that aren’t listening.
I’ve mentioned this a couple of times on the podcast.
We do have a community, it’s called the Flee Rest community for all of podcast listeners that are listening that are female and women.
It is a virtual group of women that meet together every single month.
We get together for like an hour, hour and a half.
We just have conversations connects, get updates in our lives, provide each other with love and support guests come in, I walk them through different theories depending on what they need and what they want.
We do a meditation, we do a somatic exercises and different practices.
And, you know, it’s really meant to be a space, a community of women just being there for each other, like creating deep, deep sisterhood and what that actually looks like for one another and seeing together in all the seasons.
So if you are craving sisterhood, if you are craving for community, that is in this place of growth, evolution, wanting to hear different perspectives across women, of different cultures, different spaces like the fully express community is for you.
I would be happy to invite you a complimentary month if you mention podcast episode number 43 which is this one and just send me a message on Instagram, you can send it to me at the fully expressed podcast with Kenna and just send me a message and say, hey, I’m interested in learning more about the community.
Would love to accept the complimentary offer from episode 43 and I’ll make sure you get all the information to be able to attend the next community call.
So come join us if you’re interested or intrigued.
And so keeping it on the series and what you can expect for this episode is that keeping it with the series for June, we’re doing everything that comes to women’s health.
And earlier this month, I asked my personal community on my personal brand, like, hey, would you like to see here an update on my breast explant journey.
And so many of you responded saying that you will, I love to know where I’m at, how it’s been going and what I navigated all these things.
So that is what I’m going to be talking on this episode where we were talking about an update.
I’m officially going to be six months out in just a couple of weeks.
So I felt like it’s a really good time and keep it under the month of June about breast implants and, and just healing.
And what I like about this conversation is that, you know, what I’ve learned about breast implants is basically any kind of implant that we may have.
So, you know, there’s a lot of people out there that have knee replacements or have different things that are holding their bones together because they’ve broken them, you know, all those kinds of things can trigger breast implant illness if you did not know that I got my breast insulin removed and you’re interested in hearing like why I decided to do that when I decided to do that and what that journey looked like.
You can go back to the earlier episodes back in November 1st, I started to talk about it more publicly back in November.
I talked about it and thought it would be a really good idea for you guys to listen in on that.
So before I dive into that, giving you guys, a little personal update because it’s been, I think a couple of weeks since I’ve done a little solo episode.
To be Frank and honest, your girl has been busy.
So I don’t know who’s living in busy season, but I am living in very busy season.
I think it’s summer energy where a whole lot of things are just so many opportunities are coming my way, which I’m so so grateful for.
I am actually preparing for a really big speaking opportunity coming up this week at the University of Wisconsin Madison for their leadership conference.
I’m going to be speaking all about how speaking your truth is a pathway to presenting burnout.
And I’m so excited for that as most of you know, I have fully accepted into becoming a professional speaker and building the speaking business has been such a fun journey.
So that’s where I’ve been at and then today is Sunday for me.
I actually was just in Mexico with my family and something you guys that I think I just want to be frank and honest and I think you guys can listen to.
So I, and feeling a little frustrated with my hormone health.
So I started healing from my hormones or started really working on my optimizing my health and getting better about like three years ago, maybe even more than that, more like four years ago, a long time ago.
But three years ago, I went to a naturopath specifically to work on things and don’t get me wrong.
Holy shit.
I feel so much better since I did then.
I mean, I have moved mountains and this is the part of health that I feel like we want things quickly.
And I’ve seen a huge shifts in every day.
Like my energy levels, my vitality, my hormone health, like most of my months and this last period I just had about two days ago, I actually had the worst cramps of that I’ve had in a really long time for those that are past clients or in the community.
They know that I actually went to the emergency room probably around.
Like I want to say like eight months ago, six months ago where I had to like cancel a call because I literally couldn’t show up because of how completely knocked out I was from my period.
And so the crazy part is I know cramps are not normal, the cramps probably started coming in really bad in the last year and a half two years and have gotten significantly better.
But I get these like random moments of like holy shit.
Like I could go to the emergency room for this and I don’t know what’s going on.
But then I was telling meg how frustrated I was because, you know, I see all of these shifts throughout the rest of the month.
Like you guys, I’m not exhausted before my period anymore.
I do not get loaded before my period.
But these motherfucking cramps I know, excuse my language.
But I’m so annoyed and so frustrated.
Like, and how much pain I get into.
They just hit me so hard for one day.
And it’s like I see the progress throughout the rest of my cycle and I’m like, wow, everything looks so good.
Like, I don’t break out on acne, I don’t get constipated anymore before my period.
Like, I, those are the things I suffered with.
I, I no longer get floated before my period or even during my period.
Like, honestly, everything feels really, really good.
And so I know things are shifting and I’m trying to be patient with that, but these cramps, I’m still trying to understand.
And so I’m feeling overall very happy with the progress I’ve made over the last couple of years.
But I’m to a place where I think I might do a full hormone panel.
I’m looking at two different ones.
I’m looking one that’s called the Dutch test.
And then this other one that was recommended to me by my friend Che Fargo who was on the podcast earlier this week or this month and you know, going to do that next and just get a real look into what’s going on with my hormones.
There’s a lot that goes into that.
I have been diagnosed with EDS, which is like Eller’s Danler syndrome since I was little and I know that I’m lacking progesterone but my body doesn’t really react well to progesterone when I’ve tried taking it.
And so I’m just trying to crack my own coat over here, feeling a little frustrated but hopeful.
So that’s what been personally up with me.
So let’s dive into this breast explant journey and what that has been like.
So my full intention for getting my breast implants removed was primarily because I wanted to be.
And so in love with my body, like I love my body.
And I knew that those no longer felt like they were home somatic.
I realized that these implants no longer belong here.
I’ve never been someone to say that implants are bad or that I didn’t love my breast implants.
Like I really did.
I genuinely really did at the time, I was really grateful for my breast implants when I had them.
I explained that all in that previous episode.
And so one, I wanted to have so much deep love for my body.
I wanted my body to feel safe again and I wanted to remove anything that was not supposed to be there that wasn’t home, that wasn’t natural to my body.
And so because I wanted to make sure my vessel, this body that I live in is is fully taken care of because it is fully responsible for operating every single day.
It is the thing that gets me out of bed.
This vessel that I’m in allows me to create in my work in my career, it allows me to create babies and life source through, you know, eventually getting pregnant like this body.
I want to be my sanctuary.
I wanted to feel it safe and I want to feel at home.
And so that is really why I decided to get my breast implants removed.
I was also hitting a point where I was like 10 years in and just the idea of having to get them redone and manipulating my body.
I was like, I’m done, I’m over it.
Let’s come back to my body.
And so let’s go through the actual steps because maybe some of you are actually very interested to what it looks like.
I’m just going to high level cover it.
I do not remember how big my implants were.
They weren’t necessarily that huge or that big because I wanted a very natural look.
But when I got them removed, I did go through the removal.
I also got the capsule removed, which was really important to me.
And then I also got a breast lift.
So I think I could have walked away with getting my breast lift.
But with the breast lift, he also basically fixed my nipples to make sure that they look aligned and they look pretty enough to match my new boob size because the nipples are a lot bigger than that.
And so when you think about what my breasts look like now, you know, they have scars where like kind of looks like a lollipop.
So, like from the bottom up and around my nipple is where my scars are.
When I got the surgery and I left the surgery, they leave you with drains.
I was hoping that I only had to keep the drains in for two weeks.
I ended up having to keep the drains in for one month.
The drains were probably the worst part of this process.
They keep the drains in there to help your body fully process and release any of the fluid that your body is holding on to.
When I got those drains moves.
You guys.
Oh Lord Jesus.
That was not the best part and did not like that process.
And that’s when I got to see my breasts for the first time post surgery.
And I was a little scared when I saw them.
I was a little bit worried because my boobs looked a little scary.
They looked like they were manhandled, which they were literally like, you know, it just, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.
One looked bigger than the other one looked lopsided than the other.
I was like, what the heck is going on?
I did kind of freak.
I had a little internal freak out moment and I would express that to Nick and like, let it out and things like that even though still holding true that so much was going to change with the evolution of my breast over the next couple of months, which has been true.
And so that was very interesting to experience, you know, those first two months or so was where I was very delicate with myself.
I really didn’t do very much other than, you know, drinking a lot of water.
I got lymphatic massages and that, like, really, really helped and I would massage myself.
I was able to shower Nick and I were not intimate for the first two months basically because one, I guess they recommend that you are not intimate just because of the fact that they don’t want any potential bacteria getting in me and contaminating me since I’ve just had this crazy surgery.
So Nick and night were not intimate or having sex.
But by like weeks, six or eight, your girl was feeling really, really good physically, my body felt awesome.
And for my understanding that is not the case for most women, other women have taken them anywhere from 2 to 3 months to feeling good.
I know other women that are still not feeling the most optimized myself.
But like I was back in hot yoga by like week five, week six.
To be honest, I wasn’t doing anything to push myself in those.
Like if I felt like anything hurt or didn’t hurt, I did not go further than that.
For example, I could not jump for the life of me for probably three months.
That’s when I started to feel really good.
Like, so like being able to do like jump roping or like jump squats or anything like that did not, was not a part of my routine because anything that moved my boobs like that up and down was really uncomfortable.
So, yeah, around like 6 to 8 weeks, I was back in the gym.
Thank God, I had a lot of my upper body strength, which has been really cool to notice.
The other thing that I was a surprising shocks that I was keeping my eye on the ball was so one thing I noticed in the last year, like in the last two years, I’ve had my breast implants, my grip had gotten really, really weak no matter how much I practiced carrying weights around the gym or I would talk to Nick about like, how can I strengthen my hands?
And once I got my implants removed, you guys, a lot of my natural strength came back in my hands, which I was so grateful for because I could not, I did not understand why my hands were so weak.
Like I literally could barely hold on to things.
I remember going jet skiing on jet skiing, wakeboarding with one of my really good friends.
And I could not get myself up on the Wakeboard because I could not hold onto the leash.
And I’m someone that’s been able to get up on the Wakeboard pretty easily naturally.
And I think we tracked like 10 times and I was exhausted.
It was so sad to experience that because I was like, what is going on with me?
So, yeah, right around 6 to 8 weeks is when I started to notice a lot of the big differences, such as feeling so much more comfortable in my skin, being able to walk and lift things on my own, being able to walk, who go by myself, being able to go to the gym, do hot sauna.
I mean, it felt so good to be able to lift weights again.
Like right around that time I was going for much longer walks.
I felt my energy coming back where I was craving to run, which was crazy.
So that all felt really, really good.
I will say one of the biggest things that I noticed right away of the benefits of getting my implants removed was the level of inflammation that I had in my body.
And so there has been a significant decrease in inflammation.
I can see it in my face.
I can see it around my like boobs and my armpits.
You know how some, sometimes you have a lot of swelling or like it looks like fat but it’s not fat.
It’s like your lymph nodes and your armpit are really like swollen.
And I’ve completely noticed that my upper body, like especially around my breasts and my chest have like significantly decreased inflammation, which is absolutely amazing and so beautiful.
To see.
And so moving into the next check in.
So I had my one month check in, they thought I was good.
They said, let’s look at how your scars go.
And then I had my three month check in.
And when I went to so this chicken was really interesting and I wanted to talk to you guys about it because one, so my scars were still pretty inflamed by month three apparently.
And I it was like red and puffy and they weren’t really healing properly.
And so they decided to inject me with something that was going to support with the swelling and the redness, which actually significantly helps now has really brought down the puffiness and the ability for them to heal much faster, which I’m grateful for.
But during this visit, I got really upset with my doctor and the reason I got really upset with ourselves and this is something I haven’t talked about enough, but I really had to advocate for myself in this because the primary reason why I went back to the surgeons that did my breast implants was because as a part of his process, he offered to get the capsule removed around the breast implants.
So not every single doctor does that.
And so when you have breast implants, your body creates this capsule to protect itself, right?
But that is all a ton of tissue.
It’s holding the bacteria that the implant might have created or how your body was trying to protect itself.
And so I really wanted to get that removed.
The other thing that I very clearly communicated in our consultation and to all of the nurses at this office that I wanted to get that capsule sent to the pathologist because I wanted to test the capsule, you know, the very biggest intention why I got my implants removed one because I wanted to love my body, but two was really for health.
And so I wanted to get an idea of what that capsule was holding on to.
I had been following up for three months to see where my lab work was for that capsule.
And no one communicated to me that they couldn’t find it, that it went missing or what had happened.
And when it came to my three month check in, I asked again, of course, after calling in every single week and doing all my check ins and things like that.
And they told me that the doctor actually ended up throwing the capsule away and that he did not send it to the pathologist.
And I was livid.
I was like, why didn’t anyone communicate with me when I was asking for the last three months?
Why did no one share with me?
I was like, that was the primary reason why I decided to work with you because that was one of the benefits of working with you was being able, I even paid extra to get the capsule removed.
And I was already willing to pay extra for my insurance and figuring it out whatever the pathologist’s costs were going to be for taking a look at my breast implants are at the breast implant capsule.
And I just was so frustrated with that office and I told him how communicate office and he’s like, it’s my mistake.
I’m so sorry.
I was like, I understand that people make mistakes.
I really do.
But I was really upset because I communicated it 5, 10 times at the consultation, every single pre op appointment communicated it in the pre op operations.
I spoke to every single person making sure that that was the thing because that was very important to me and they clearly dropped the ball.
The worst part is that they didn’t tell me for three months.
And so I was really frustrated about that.
And so my only takeaway for that is like, you know, the one thing that I’ve noticed in just life in general is that as much as we want to trust that everyone pays attention to all the details.
Like I want to give everyone the benefit of doubt always.
But these bigger systems or corporations, whatever you want to look at, like even like healthcare system, you have to advocate for yourself.
And one of those things is just remembering to communicate as much as you can making sure double checking and it can be frustrating.
But if it’s important to you, like just advocate for yourself and put that down.
So that was one thing I wanted to share with you guys that I had to experience, that was probably the most challenging thing that I’ve experienced with this entire journey.
For the most part, every single thing as a part of this journey has gone pretty smoothly.
So let’s transition into what have I continued to experience.
So one of the things that they communicate to you when you get your breast implants removed and obviously, the scars and stuff like that is that your nerves are starting to come back to life if you will.
I felt this a lot early on, but I still feel it.
I get these zappers is what they call them.
They feel like little electrocutions in my breast and what they’ve communicated to me, it’s because the nerves are reconnecting and coming back to life and making sense.
And so even though my breasts, for the most part, I feel I have a lot of sensation, there are some areas that feel a little bit numb and still disconnected from my body, obviously, because they’re still healing at this point.
And this reminded me because today I was like literally just going for a walk and my right boob was just zapping away and it hurts, it doesn’t hurt so bad, but it’s really uncomfortable.
So that is something I’ve continued to feel up until this point when they say that I can, I can continue to feel them up to a year or a year and a half because that’s how long this process take for our bodies to really heal.
And so that has been continuous towards the end of this, I’m going to share the top five things that have helped me recover.
And I think that had really benefited me in this process.
And then the number one thing that I’ve received from going through this process before I transition into that, I do want to talk about the importance or the feeling of how I feel in my body today.
So a lot of the things that I shared in those earlier episodes was, you know, this love and comfort that I have in my body.
That is something I’ve had to work so hard for, to get to like so so hard.
And that was the one thing that I was so scared about going into this process was like, if I was going to close up to Nick and I wasn’t going to feel safe to have sex and be intimate and make love and do all those things and be sexually expressive, I am happy to say that we’ve worked through that.
So those first two months, like it was hard because I couldn’t feel that closeness to him.
I think we ended up having sex right around five or six weeks.
We couldn’t wait.
So, and it wasn’t necessarily the most intimate close sex.
But we did get to be intimate with one another and feel each other.
And then I want to say like the next few weeks, we continued to be intimate with each other.
But I couldn’t feel that closeness to him.
Like I didn’t take my shirt off because I one wanted to protect my boobs.
Also, just that area just spelled kind of closed off.
It was healing, it was going through its own phases and I could feel that all I wanted was to like lay on nick and like be chest to chest and like hold each other.
But like because I was healing, I didn’t have that and it was uncomfortable to do that anyways.
And so it took us some time in that area.
But then eventually, over time, I started to like take my shirt off while we were being intimate, felt much more comfortable as I healed.
And it really was coming from a place of like physically uncomfortable, not just like emotionally uncomfortable, like I’m talking, being physically uncomfortable and there was this barrier.
And over time, I slowly started just to open up and we are, I am so in love with my body, you guys, so, so in love with my body, I am so grateful for going through this experience.
I’m so grateful for having my breast implants.
And what I’ve noticed since I’ve really experienced a deep self love for myself.
And this beautiful body that I’m in.
I now put clothes on and I’m like, wait, my clothes actually look better like they meet my body.
It’s almost like bees are the boobs I’ve always had supposed to have and you know, just coming back to myself and coming home to myself is really what it feels like.
So I’m so grateful for that again.
I don’t think this is the same for every single woman that has gone through this journey or that wants to go through this journey.
I’m just sharing my own experience as an opportunity to share with you guys what it’s been like if you’ve been interested in that.
And so as we start to move through this next part of this podcast episode, I’m going to share the top five things that helped my recovery process, which can help anyone that, that has removed anything from their system or it maybe goes through breast implants, removal them and show the top benefit I’ve received.
And the only thing, the last thing that I’m very much struggling with and that was a little bit of a struggle, but I figured it out.
So the top five things that have helped me with my recovery process has been one lymphatic massage.
Within two weeks of surgery, lymphatic massages have literally changed my life.
And one of the reasons why is because I knew with my breast implants that it was affecting my lymphatic system.
I knew that I was not sweating or detoxing properly.
And so I doubled down on that, obviously, post surgery with all the extra fluid that I was going through from healing and inflammation.
I got those lymphatic massages, the lymphatic massages, I got them weekly, five weeks continuously after two weeks, post surgery, which I think made a huge difference in my recovery process immediately.
The other supplement that I took and I would absolutely be taking this for the rest of my life.
If it was cost was not an issue was Asia.
Asia is a redox molecule product.
It helps your body, your cells help rejuvenate themselves.
And really, you guys, I know this is crazy, but I really think that it really helped me heal so much faster.
So I took Asia for a month before surgery and three months post surgery to help my cells be able to help my body recover faster.
If you want to learn more about Asia reached out to me on Instagram and I’d be happy to share more about Asia, but you can look it up on their website also if you are interested in buying Asia, let me know and we will go from there.
And then the next thing that really helps, I think with my healing process and it’s just super beneficial for your health in general was I was so my boyfriend and my friend, my fiance and my friends got me a sauna wrap thing.
And so I get in the sauna and I was detoxing once I could, I wasn’t able to start detoxing until about eight weeks, post surgery and eight weeks post surgery.
Thats when I started detoxing, I was detoxing and getting in the sauna at least once a week, I was taking a binder with that.
So I was grabbing all the toxins from my body that the exp plants that the implants might have left in my body.
When I continue to do the sauna, the sauna is just such an important factor in our detox pathways.
And then the next thing that was really amazing for me was my investment in my Red Light therapy.
I swear the women in the community that listen to me know that I talk about this all the time as well as any past clients that I’ve talked to or people that follow me on Instagram.
My Red Light therapy has truly helped my healing process in so many ways to the point where I’m literally obsessed with it.
So I bought my Red Light therapy to help with inflammation, to help with my cells, to help with collagen reproducing as well as just to facilitate more healing.
And so I was using the red light morning and night morning three, almost three times a day on my breasts, post surgery to help with the scars and all the healing and facilitating more healing.
These are the five things that have really, I think.
Absolutely changed the game for me when it comes to my recovery process.
And I think it’s a huge impact in why I personally have been able to really move through this much quicker.
I know this is not the same for every single woman out there.
I know every single journey is different, but I feel like it was important for me to share what really helped me if you are thinking about getting your breast implants removed.
I mentioned this earlier.
The top benefit that I have received from getting my breast implants removed that I have noticed is going to be the decrease of inflammation in my body.
I do not feel swollen.
I do not feel inflamed.
I feel like I’m it doesn’t I feel like it’s not weight but its really just inflammation.
Like you can see the clarity in my skin.
You can just see it in my face.
You can see it in my upper body.
You can see it in my lower belly.
You can see it around my breast.
You can see it around my like my armpits necessarily where the implants because all of my lymphatic lymph nodes are not mad at me anymore because the implants aren’t there agitating them.
So the biggest benefit that I’ve received has been the decrease of inflammation in my body.
Now, the one thing that I’m still figuring it out is the only thing besides my clothes feeling absolutely amazing and everything I wear, it has been swimsuits.
So I think getting used to having my itty bitty titty committee boobies.
I’ve had to kind of re understand which, which swimsuits really work well for my body.
And what does that actually look like?
I do find that triangles have been really good for me because of the way that my chest is doing.
But I’m still trying to find my way with that.
But at the end of the day, I’ve, I’ve found, I have two swimsuits that I really love.
I’m starting to get more comfortable in these different swimsuits because I used to be a boob.
She was girly and you can’t really see my boobs boobies in my swimsuit because they’re so small, but I love them and it’s ok.
It’s just a matter of me getting used to it and finding my wife.
So I have found two swimsuits that I love.
I just ordered a third one.
So we’re going to see how that goes and see how it fits with my boobs.
But overall, you know what I have noticed is that my breasts are still evolving.
They’re still like, still very much growing.
Like I feel nick is probably annoyed with me at this point, but every other week or maybe multiple times a week, who knows?
I don’t know how many times I do this.
I always look at him like, oh my God, look at my boobs.
They’re booby because they’re really coming to their own.
They’re really filling up, they’re like puffing out, they say, and they’re really filling in really beautifully and I’m just so grateful for the process and I’m six months in, I don’t know where I’m going to be in a year or what’s going to happen or what’s going to change, but, or how much of the benefits I am going through, however, yeah, that is.
I’m overall very, very happy with my decision.
I love that.
I’ve been able to really receive a lot of the benefits.
I’m so excited to see her where I go from here.
And honestly, I’m so happy with the decision and I got to get them at the time, even though I’ve had moments of being upset with myself because of what I’ve put my body through.
However, I love them then and I love them now.
And I’m just so grateful for the opportunity to fully, fully, fully, just be in this beautiful body of mine and be able to heal.
And to me, health is wealth and I’m really at a point you guys where I’m going to do whatever I need from a very balanced, regulated and present space to optimize my health because our health literally impacts everything in our world.
And I know the more healthy, I feel the more energized, I feel the more vital, I feel the more alive, I feel it impacts everything in my life.
And the more expressed that I can be in my life, relationships and business truly.
And that is why this month we have really tailored it to women’s health and so truly inviting anyone to that is open to working on their health, to go for it.
If you’re on this journey of healing and prioritizing your health, one give yourself time and you know, health is like an onion from what I’ve experienced.
It’s like you peel one layer and there’s another layer, you peel on the layer and on another layer.
And that’s for everything in life.
But right now I’m talking about your physical health and your physical well being.
And so, but you know, I think we’re all really creating to feel good in our bodies.
And I really think that each and every single one of us feel good in our bodies and we get to define what that looks like.
And so I have found my way through this is what my journey looks like.
And I wanted to share that with you guys today.
If you guys have any thoughts, any questions or think of anyone that is considering getting their breast implants removed or has gone through the journey and is looking for some support, one, share this episode with them and two have them reach out to me on Instagram.
I, you know, love, love, love to connect with you guys and be there for you past clients know they text me all the time like I am not someone that wants to be a far reach.
I want to be someone that is close to you and available and will always meet you with the capacity that I do have in the ways that I can.
And I always loved connecting.
And I always love sharing resources because I really think that by sharing information is where the more healing is going to happen in this world.
There’s too much information out there that is kept from us or not prioritized in sharing with us.
And so this is one of the reasons why the podcast is here.
And I also think that there, that’s one of the reasons why I am here in this world to keep sharing information and be a channel to that.
So thank you so much to listen to this podcast episode.
Keep your eye out for the next episode.
We’re going to do another topic on women’s health.
The next episode will drop again next week, next Wednesday at 9 a.m. PST.
And I’m sending you all so much love into your week and I will be talking to you all soon.

In this episode, I shared:

  • Personal Update, Business & Hormone Health
  • Breast Explant Journey Updates!!
    • What I experiences in the first couple of months 
    • What was the hardest part of my breast explant journey 
    • How it was to be sexually intimate with my partner post surgery 
    • What are the top 5 things that supported my recovery process 
    • How I had to advocate for myself 
    • How I’m still finding the best swim suits for my itty bitty boobies 
    • And so much more 

Tune in to this heartfelt episode to discover how embracing your natural body can lead to profound physical and emotional well-being. Join me in this journey of self-discovery and healing.

Join The Fully Expressed Community, where you can be surrounded by other women who are also on the same path of personal growth, healing, and uncovering their authentic expression. Being in a community surrounded by others can truly be one of the most supporting and healing containers to support your personal invitation.


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Contact Karenna: hello@karennasoto.com 

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