Episode #19: New Year Intentions: The one question to ask yourself

Written by: Karenna Soto
The Fully Expressed Podcast
The Fully Expressed Podcast
Episode #19: New Year Intentions: The one question to ask yourself

Welcome back to The Fully Expressed Podcast with Karenna, where we dive deep into what it means to live a life true to ourselves. As we stand on the brink of 2024, it’s the perfect time to reflect and set intentions that resonate with our deepest desires and aspirations. This episode is about finding what makes us feel most alive and how to infuse that into every aspect of our lives.

In today’s episode, we explore the significance of being present and embracing each moment, whether filled with joy, challenges, or introspection. Karenna shares her journey of the past year: self-discovery, reflection, and being in the moment. She talks about the importance of acknowledging our emotions, experiences, and the little things that light up our lives.

The discussion delves into how setting intentions, rather than rigid goals, can lead to a more fulfilling and less pressured life. Karenna emphasizes the power of intention setting in various aspects of life – relationships, business, and personal growth. The approach is about being open to life’s experiences and adapting as we go, always focusing on what makes us feel truly alive.

You can read the full podcast transcript for this episode below:

Welcome to the Fully Expressed podcast with Karenna.
This is the podcast show where we just have conversations around what it actually means to live a life fully express.
These conversations are an invitation to you leaning into and finding your fullest expressed selves in your life, your relationships and your business.
So thank you so much for being here.
You guys, can you believe that 2024 is around the corner?
Like a part of me is just like, how is this happening this year has absolutely flown by and it’s, it’s wild to think about too because there have been, this past year has been such a year of transitions, asking myself very deep questions, really leaning into a pivot that I announced here towards the end of 2023.
And in that, there were a lot of like harder conversations with myself.
A lot of moments of stillness, a lot of curiosity and in those moments, they felt like they were so slow.
I was like, oh my gosh, how am I still in these moments of myself while at the same time?
Life has just gone so quickly.
And I’m like, every year that I get older, I’m practicing to be more present.
And in the present moment, it feels like life is going so slow and so fast.
At the same time, the present moment has this last year has really given me like I have tears covered my eyes.
How much I’ve practiced this being in the present moment, which is like being present with my emotions, being present with who I’m becoming, being present with really hard conversations, being present with all of it.
You know, like every moment paying attention to the textures, the smells, the taste, the experiences, the feeling that I’m feeling in my body.
And yeah, I can literally feel like the emotions just coming straight to my eyes right now as I’m speaking because this last year has felt like that.
And in those moments, everything feels like it stops and everything at the same time has gone so freaking fast.
And in these moments, I realize that, wow, I’m so grateful for the presence and it makes me even feel more grateful for every moment, every day because life is flying by.
Truly, it is going so quickly and sometimes I wish I could just put a hole to it.
But if anything that is a sign for me to be like, damn, I really have to fucking live this life, I want to be able to live this life to the fullest.
And that doesn’t mean for me like every day having a good day or every day, living my dreams.
It means just being with every nitty gritty of it because it makes all the rest of it so much greater in a lot of ways.
And so, yeah.
Damn, I’m so freaking grateful for this last year in a lot of ways.
And I’m so excited for 2024.
And so for today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about what this season is available to us, you know what it looks like to be setting intentions for the New Year.
And the only question, there’s only one question that I want you to think about as you’re going into the New Year, as you’re reflecting and back this year, I, when I say one, only one question, but before I get to that very important question, when it comes to New Year’s goals, if you’ve been in my world since I’ve done New Year’s intentions every single year.
And this is the first year that I’m not doing a live webinar, but I have this interesting relationship with goals because goals can lead us to disappointment.
Goals can we sometimes use as things that we can use to validate that what we’re doing or how we’re doing things that’s not serving us.
We can use them as a way to beat us up, we can use them as a way to be like, well, if I’m not this thing, if I’m not doing things in this way, or if I haven’t done the goal that I wanted to do that.
I’m less than, and so I’ve learned to create a different relationship with this time of year.
And it’s so important because a, it’s so much more based on intention and also just based on what’s present.
It’s not so based on who I want to show up as.
And,, yes, it does show up on who I want to show up as, But I’m not using those things as a way to get hard of me.
So my go to when it comes to New Year’s and rip being around this season has been like, ok, well, naturally we go into this season as an opportunity, reflection, time gets a lot slower, we get a little bit more space like the seasons are starting to show like it’s starting to feel like winter here in California.
Some of you has already started to feel some of that fall and winter ish and probably where you’re at.
But, you know, the world is going into this deep hibernation, this deep reflection period way.
So it is, it does bring up times for us to think and create moments for us just to be with, right?
Even the days are shorter.
So like, you know, at night when you’re not, don’t have much to do, maybe you’re just reflecting, I don’t know.
But my point is, is like, as you’re looking at what you want 2024 to look like, I also want you to take a time to look back at 2023 because it’s important for us to look forward.
But also be grateful for what we’ve done.
Sometimes we can get caught up in the, oh my gosh, I want to do this.
I don’t see this and, you know, maybe if you’re a high achiever like me, you know, you’re always like, I’m not doing good enough, I’m not executing and the small wins kind of get left put to the side and they’re like, what the fuck I’ve been?
I did such great things this last year.
So being able to reflect back and look at everything is always really great because we get to actually acknowledge and witness and be with like holy cow.
I’ve also, I’ve made lots of big steps, you know, so that’s really cool.
And then as you looking at 2024 I like intentions.
Intentions are my jam.
I use intentions for my relationships.
Like, what’s my intention for this moment?
What’s my intention for my relationship?
What’s my intention for my business, my career, my day to day and intentions are so great because it really removes this level of expectation that can lead to disappointment, that can lead to shame and guilt.
The intention is a structure to be like, OK, I’m gonna be headed in this direction, but I’m also unattached if I don’t necessarily check off the intention because I’m also available to what else comes from me heading in this direction.
And so intentions are almost a guide of like, ok, I know which direction I’m going, but I’m also available to whatever gets thrown my way.
I’m also available to be present with the challenges, the small wins that I didn’t even think were going to be there.
I’m also available to like, well, if I decided to make a left turn and I thought I was going to make a right turn.
That’s OK.
There’s again, there’s a sense of unattached energy.
It’s, it’s very open and available to you and a sense of surrender, which is where the feminine energy really complements us within this masculine intention structure because then you can just flow and be with.
So you have direction and you have adaptability, you can adapt much quicker, you could have flexibility, you are not so rigid in your way of thinking and processing.
And so this is how I look at not just the season, but my life, to be honest, I just really love this season of life or this season at this time of year because naturally, things just show up as an option, opportunity for reflection.
It’s a great opportunity to just look back at how things are working, not working and things that I want to fine tune and fix and change and shift.
And so it’s just a great opportunity to do this but doesn’t mean you can’t do this every quarter.
It doesn’t mean you can do this monthly.
It doesn’t mean you can’t do this when you feel like you feel called to do this whatever structure you want to lean into, into this new life.
All right, raise your hand.
If you are thinking about 2024 or you’re starting to set goals, you’re starting to review the year, you’re starting to see what you really want of next year.
And I find this year, so this time of the year so interesting because I’ve definitely been the one that was like, I have to set my goals every single end of the year.
I’m going to get on track with my workouts and I’m going to do this and I’m going to do that and I put so much pressure on myself and then come basically the second week of January, everything would fall through the cracks and you know what I have found to be my secret sauce to truly manifesting and embodying what I want to manifest is not, is, is truly in reflecting on the last couple year, on the last year.
It is setting intentions.
So I’m not a big fan of goal setting.
That’s a four whole different conversation.
Goals lead to expectations, expectations lead to disappointment and that ends up leaving a lot of pressure on ourselves.
So I am here for intentions.
I love the structure of intentions.
I love how it sets us up, but there has to be a feeling that you want to feel in 2024.
And that’s truly what I love to lean into.
And it has changed the game for me every single year, every single year, I am constantly embodying and taking steps towards the woman that I want to become.
I am attracting opportunities that are so in line for me, I’m also evolving and looks like for me to live a life, fully express in my career in my personal life and so on.
Just by getting really curious and clear on what it, I want to feel like, you know, what do I want to, who do I want to feel like when for all the things that I on a manifest absolute game changer, I will do a podcast episode on this.
But what I am currently offering you right now as we transition from 2023 into 2024 this is gonna be available all of December and all of January.
I am gonna be offering a 30 minute strategy sessions for individuals.
So if you’re looking to strategize and get really clear on what you want 2024 to look like, feel like be like the sessions for you, it’s gonna be for $88 and I’m also offering couple sessions.
So really the opportunity for you as individuals to get really aligned on what your own desires are.
But what does that look like in partnership?
What does it look like to the actual relationship and that is going to be a 16 minute session available for $222.
So 222 and you can DM me at I am Kenna Soto and ask me more details about it that is only going to be available for December and January.
So if you are interested on getting support, please message me, I’m really not offering coaching containers anymore And I got so much feedback on how many people are gonna be really offering my missing my container.
So this is such a rare experience and I wanted to let you know about it.
So please please please send me ad m if you’re interested and we can talk through it.
So dropping you back into the episode and enjoy.
And so as we step into this new year or as you’re looking at this past year, the number one question that I want you to be asking yourself right now is what makes me feel the most alive, aliveness has been the key that I was, I didn’t realize I was searching for.
But it has been the key to unlocking my fullest expression and unlocking my evolution because I, you know, can get caught up and it’s easy to get caught up in this like, well, I should, life should look like this.
Life should be like this.
I should be in this direction or I should be doing that or you know everyone’s goals look like XYZ, like those are what should be for me.
But the truth is, is that you as an individual are here on this earth to crack your own code.
You are here as an individual to feel, to figure out what it means to live a life, to be fully expressed, to create a life in the desires that you want.
And every one of those people that have set some kind of map or formula for their own lives, that’s what really works well for their own lives.
And so as we’re here, you got to figure out what formula works really well.
And a huge part of that equation is answering the question of what makes me feel the most alive.
When do I feel the most alive?
And so as we’re looking back to the whole late this past year, ask yourself when were moments?
I felt the most alive?
Which rooms was I in that I felt so alive, so inspired, so connected where I had the creativity energy and this moving through my, my body just came so online moments where you felt like you lit up like a Christmas tree, like every cell in your body was just firing off.
What rooms were you in?
Who were you with?
What were you doing when you felt the most alive?
And so as you thinking about that, I also want you to think about like it doesnt have to look like this massive gesture.
It can look like the smallest things for some of us.
The most aliveness comes when you’re super present with your people.
When you’re super present with your kids and your family, when you are on a walk and doing that and you’re like, wow, I feel so alive, so connected.
Maybe it’s in the middle of a workout.
Maybe it’s when you’re going to a networking event, maybe it’s when you’re experiencing new foods.
Maybe it’s when you are in a coaching container and you’re like, oh my gosh, I feel so inspired to still like this.
Maybe it’s when you’re in a mastermind, maybe it’s when you’re at a conference, maybe it’s when you’re at a specific concert, it doesn’t have to look a certain way.
You can look at it from the different compartmentalizes of your life, like relationships, business a life.
I take it to every single little category.
But what I’m saying, it doesn’t have to look a certain way because when you start to identify those moments of aliveness and you start to Sprinkle those into your life, everything changes.
Every moment becomes almost like a butterfly is flying for the first time.
It’s like when a baby is so excited, it’s like when you see something for the first time and you’re just like, wow.
And so if you can Sprinkle in those types of moments into your life, you can already do the math.
It’s going to essentially support you to tackle the hard thing.
It’s going to lead you in the direction of where you’re meant to be.
And that is another really big one is that as you find these things that make you alive in your day to day, as you find these things that make you feel alive in your relationships, you in relationships that you really want and you take that and you’re like, oh, I want more relationships like this.
I’m then you start finding relationships like that and you’re going to create and cultivate more relationships like that.
Awesome, the same thing in business.
And so if there’s parts of your career that you feel so alive, identify though and ask yourself, how can I do more of this?
It’s going to lead you to that next thing, it’s going to lead you to like, what’s my next thing?
And so that really is the number one question you’re asking yourself.
Now, a follow up sub question to that is like, how do you feel after doing those things?
And so you feel alive, you’re so firing off every thing personally.
You’re like, yeah.
This is it.
I love that moment.
And then afterwards, do you feel depleted?
Do you feel fulfilled?
Do you feel like you have more energy?
And sometimes when we feel the sense of aliveness sense, it can also feel like adrenaline sometimes and if it’s high adrenaline that ends up leaving you depleted.
I don’t necessarily think that that is something to add more to your life.
It’s really finding the ones that feel alive, words supported and almost like this like running energy that you don’t just feel for a moment, but you feel for a couple of days and the more that you do that, the more resourced you are because you’re not depleting yourself of your energy, you’re just being more resourced to feel more fully expressed.
And as you do this thing that makes you feel alive, fully alive, you are living a life fully expressed.
That’s what exactly what it, there’s been moments in my journey where I have felt the most alive.
You guys expressing anger, I have felt the most alive experiencing my sadness.
The once I really got really emotionally intelligent and once I really understood the powers of emotions and really got to a place of unattached from what my emotions actually mean, I was able to tap into parts of my life.
Parts of me that I didn’t even know weren’t firing.
It’s almost like having muscles in your body that don’t fire very well.
And the minute that they start firing, you feel how strong you are, that is exactly what I felt when I started to, for example, start feeling my emotions.
So there was probably like two years ago now.
Yeah, 2022 was the year of that.
And I found myself in rooms where just expressing my emotions fully because it tapped into parts of me that were not lit up, they weren’t light lit up, they weren’t online, they weren’t working because I never gave me thyself the opportunity to.
And so every year can transform based on where you are in your evolution, which is why this question is so specific to you and it has to be individualized.
Your answers have to be yours.
It doesn’t matter what someone else’s answers are, it’s what your answers are.
So you can look at 2024 and see.
All right, this is what my intention is for 2024.
I’m going to Sprinkle more of this aliveness.
I’m going to see where this aliveness takes me.
And you’re going to use that as data points to answer the questions of which parts of those are they just going to become you a part of you, a part of the fully expressed version of you.
So with that being said, I am going to be hosting an open session, January 11th.
It’s second Wednesday of the month in the fully expressed community.
So this is the first time that I’m opening up the fully expressed community for free for the new year, so that you can come in and not now that you’ve reflected on this, but actually feel what this version of you feels like.
Actually start to be like, what parts of what, how does my body feel like in those moments?
So then when you are going into 2024 and you are stepping into those versions of yourself, you get like there she is.
That’s what it is.
I need to do more of that.
This is how I’m going to step into.
It’s going to be a somatic experience of just that of really stepping into this version of you.
So if you want to come into the group, send me ad m at the fully expressed podcast on Instagram and just say, hey, I would love to be a part of the New Year intention setting embodiment session in January.
And I will personally send you the invitation to your email address and I will see you in that room so you can really solidify what this feeling actually looks like.
And I really do hope that you took this episode and realize that there’s so much there for you.
There’s so much energy for you to tap into.
There’s so many parts of you that are asking of you to come online more, but we got to start listening to the parts of you that are signaling that this is the parts of me that make me feel alive.
These are the rooms that this is the type of things, these are the connection, these are things that I’m doing that make me feel alive.
Those are where you’re going to find a lot of your answers of where you’re headed and what’s available to you.
So with that being said, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for being a part of this podcast.
It has been, I launched this podcast here in 2023.
A lot of the reasons for what makes me feel alive and this podcast makes me feel alive.
It brings me so much energy every single time that I hit the record button, every single time that I interview people, every single time that I hear from you guys telling me that something was supportive.
And so, Juan, thank you so much for being here.
Thank you so much for sharing this with your people.
Thank you so much for just giving me the feedback that I have received about the podcast.
And I’m so excited for what 2024 is going to look like we’re going to take it up a notch and really bring in some really amazing guest speakers.
And I’m so excited for the fully expressed community, which is my online virtual community where we meet in person once a month because that community has also just felt like a sisterhood where you’re just sitting around the dinner table and having a conversation.
If you want to learn more about that again, send me ad m or message me and we’ll figure that out.
But I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I’m sending you so much love as you enter into the holiday season.
Af after, you know, Christmas holidays, whatever you celebrate during this time.
And as you’re with your friends and your family or if you’re in deep parts of this season that make things really hard, just know that I’m thinking about you and I’m grateful for you and I’m giving you so much love and energy as you’d go through this time and I will see you on the other side, I will see you in 2024 because this space, this container is so it’s so fun and so juicy for me and thank you again for being here, so happy holidays and I’ll see you in 2024 baby.

Episode Highlights:

  • The power of reflection and intention setting for the new year.
  • Embracing emotions and moments that make us feel alive.
  • Moving beyond goal setting to intention living.
  • The role of personal and emotional growth in feeling fully expressed.
  • Strategies for aligning your life with what truly matters.

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