Preparing for My Breast Explant Surgery

Written by: Karenna Soto
The Fully Expressed Podcast
The Fully Expressed Podcast
Preparing for My Breast Explant Surgery

In this vulnerable episode of The Fully Expressed Podcast, Karenna gives listeners an inside look at how she is holistically preparing for her upcoming breast implant removal surgery.

After sharing her decision to remove her breast implants in a previous episode, Karenna openly shares how she is holistically and intentionally preparing for her explant surgery. She shares how it important it is to prepare her body for optimized healing.

Karenna walks listeners through the multi-faceted approach she is taking to care for her whole self leading up to surgery day. From reducing stress and clearing her calendar to somatic therapy sessions and anger release practices, she is processing old emotions and trauma to enter the operation with mental clarity.

She is also using natural healing modalities like acupuncture, chiropractic care and lymphatic drainage massage to support her physical body. Her diet is focused on reducing inflammation through anti-inflammatory foods, and she discusses the supplements she’s taking to detox and strengthen her immune system through the trauma of surgery.

Karenna’s authentic, open approach provides encouragement and inspiration to anyone learning to love themselves unconditionally, body and soul. Stay tuned for future updates on her explant surgery and continued healing journey.

You can read the full podcast transcript for this episode below:

Welcome to the Fully Expressed podcast with Karenna.
I am truly blown away by the feedback that I received from getting my breast implants removed and, and the amount of love that I’ve received from everyone regarding getting my breast implants removed.
Like truly like, thank you for everyone that has reached out.
Thank you for anyone just that took the time to listen to the previous episode.
It has shown me that I’m not alone.
It has shown me that I have a lot of love in this community and on social media and that I’m really not the only one going through this.
I think what’s interesting is that I received so much feedback in regards to that and a lot of feedback about how inspiring it is that I am so comfortable in my body and that how much work I’ve done on my body and how much I love my body.
And that is something I didn’t really think was going to come through.
But clearly a lot of people that were listening to that episode receive that as well.
And you know, I know what it feels like to not feel comfortable in some in your own body.
I know what it feels like to constantly compare your body, other people’s bodies.
I know what it feels like to feel like.
Look a certain way that you wish you were skinnier that you had a bigger butt or they had bigger boobs or that you have this and that and the journey of getting there for me was a lot, a lot of work, a lot of intentional work.
a lot of commitment, not just praying.
That one day I was going to wake up in love with my body.
It really didn’t work that way.
So for today’s episode, I’m gonna focus specifically on what and how I’m doing and what, yeah.
So what I’m doing and how I’m doing, getting ready for surgery.
So what I’m doing to prepare, how I’m preparing and what that actually looks like.
And then I also want to share that, you know, the, the following episode is going to be around loving your body.
I’m going to invite a very special guest onto the podcast to talk about what that journey is to fall in love with your body.
What are the kinds of things that you can do to start falling in love with your body?
And what does that actually look like?
Just because of the feedback that I’ve received.
But for today’s episode, I really, really want to dive into and share with you what am I going to be doing preparing for my explant surgery coming up in two weeks.
because I think it’s important to know I’ve done so much research on just breast implant illness as well as just surgeries and preparing.
And now that I know so much about even like surgery trauma, like I’ve heard and please, this is just me hearing, like, please go validate your sources or do your own research.
But I’ve heard that the body, I mean, if you haven’t heard the body keeps the score, so our bodies end up keeping a lot like basically notes of any kind of trauma that we’ve ever experienced emotional trauma, physical trauma, et cetera.
And there is such thing as surgery, trauma because if you think about it, right, you’re going into a space where your body is under anesthesia and your body doesn’t have control or is witnessing what is happening to you but cannot really say yes or no to what’s happening and your body is going through surgery, it is getting cut open.
Things are mo people are moving around, you’re touching it in a certain way.
Like, and I’ve heard that especially for people that have done numerous amount of, so I’ve gotten numerous amounts of surgery on their body.
Do you have a lot of trauma within the body?
The body holds on to that.
And so thinking about that and knowing that for myself, I’ve been really, really taking the surgery really seriously.
And so I hope this episode is just gonna give you some key things that you could think about for your any kind of surgery and especially for your breast implant surgery.
Because I want my body to feel safe.
I really want my body to feel safe for healing.
I want it to feel like it’s in a parasympathetic state, which basically means that I want my body to be in a rest and digest state.
I don’t want my body to be stressed.
I don’t want my body to be in fight or flight.
I really, really want to be with my body.
I want my body to feel as good as I can going into surgery, as calm as I can and creating as much calmness, post surgery and not being stressed out because that’s a whole another level to all of this is really also post surgery.
I have to put myself in such a healing state.
So the very first thing that I’m doing and I’ve made sure to do is that November and December are not going to be very stressful months for me.
I have intentionally created a lot of space this month, not gonna put myself in situations where I’m gonna over exert myself.
I’m gonna try and put myself in as much healing state.
I’m gonna be surrounded by people that feel very coming to me.
I’m going to make sure my calendar isn’t fully fully booked.
So I’m in fight or flight or running from one thing to the next right before surgery.
That is the last thing that I wanna do for my body.
And so that’s the first thing.
And then the second thing that I’ve been doing is emotionally making sure that I am releasing any kinds of emotions that may have come up.
And as I shared in the previous episode, I’ve basically gone through the freaking initiation of this healing journey that’s coming up a year ago.
Like when I decided that I wanted to get my breast implants removed, I already started the healing journey.
Things already started coming up for me that triggers the mirrors.
I mean, everything.
So in those moments, I really made sure to welcome my partner into the conversations that involved him.
I started to openly talk about it with my friends that are close to me.
And then I started to really practice a lot of my somatic practices whenever emotions would come up in securities.
I mean, grieving a previous body of mine, the way that I’ve looked for the last 10 plus years, like I’m 31 years old and I got these done when I was 20.
And so a lot of my identity or a lot of what I connect with are these boobs and I’ve already had to be with what that actually looks like.
And the other thing is when I’m somatic and losing any of these emotions and what does that actually look like?
Like I will feel into the emotions and identify that.
For example, if my mind is spiraling, that means that my body is feeling something in my body.
And so I tend to break myself into my body.
And then I realize that I’m either holding some kind of emotional energy and either my throat, my chest or my belly or my upper back.
And I’ll identify that and I’ll bring my attention to that place.
And then when I bring my attention that place, it basically heightens that air and I allow myself my breath to bring into there.
And then as I bring my attention to there, I tend to either get very emotional.
I can either get angry or frustrated or sad, depending on what I’m working through at the time.
And I allow myself in that space to actually process those emotions.
And so if I’m a, if I’m sad, I’ll let myself cry.
If I’m grieving, I’ll let myself grieve.
If I’m angry, I’ll use my anger practices, which I have an episode coming up here.
You guys can listen to my anger practices to help me process any of the anger that I’m feeling because one of the things that has truly come up and I’ve shared this on the last episode.
If you didn’t think about it, there’s a lot of anger towards myself for one for getting the breast implants in the first place.
All right, ladies, if you are listening in, this is for you.
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I’ll see you there.
Like I think about a how expensive it is to get breast implants and how expensive it’s been to get these exp plants removed.
And it’s such an expensive lesson.
And also like I get really upset with the fact that I I decided to get the breast implants from an insecurity and wanting my body to feel look a certain way.
And I get so hard on myself for getting hard on myself for the way that I looked.
And a lot of those parts of me just want to be present and I allow them to be present and allow myself to move through them.
But by emotionally regulate, allowing myself to process the emotions, it’s helping my system regulate.
It’s helping my body not hold on to any of the emotions that I have about this experience.
And that’s really important me going into surgery.
Something that I’ve learned in the last year of doing a lot of research is that our scars hold on to the emotional state that we’re in when we get those scars.
And so the biggest thing that I keep thinking about is I, I know I’m gonna have scars and I know there’s gonna be emotions associated with those scars.
So I want to support myself in preparing to not hold on to maybe as many emotions that it might be digged into my scars.
I also know that the scars are as I start to heal them, post surgery and work through them and massage them can also hold on to a lot of emotions and so on.
So that’s one thing that I’ve been truly trying to do.
And if I feel called, I might end up having some kind of somatic session with a practitioner or so, just to make sure I’m releasing anything else that I’m holding on to and now for the physical stuff.
So the types of things that I’m doing to get myself into a more of a parasympathetic state for surgery.
I’ve been seeing chiropractors.
So I’ve been getting chiropractic sessions and getting my system aligned, my muscles aligned my muscles in the s in the right places, my joints, my bones, all the things.
So my body is in Aaron, but this is fake.
I want my nervous system to feel comfortable in my body.
And if my body is out of alignment, if my muscles aren’t feeling good, that’s going to add to stress to my body and my body is not gonna be in a healing state.
So I’ve been seeing a chiropractor.
The other thing too is like with breast implants, I have noticed that my back, I tend to ha I don’t have the best posture.
It’s really hard for me to do that, open myself up because I got the breast implants underneath the muscle.
And so I already know that my breast implants are affecting my muscles of my upper body.
I can feel it in my hands.
I can feel it in my grip strength.
I could feel it in my upper body strength.
And so truly trying to get my body into alignment.
So once these babies come out, my body can just find itself again, right?
I can find myself into alignment.
I do plan to go to the chiropractor probably no earlier than a month or six months or six weeks after the surgery to go.
Keep getting realigned and make sure that my body is healing in an aligned state that’s really important.
And then the next one that I’m gonna be starting this month is acupuncture right before the surgery and post surgery.
So, acupuncture is a Chinese medicine.
It helps move your chi, it helps move the blood flow, it helps your organs really get.
And it also, you know, right before surgery, it increases endorphin levels which can alleviate any adequate surgical pain.
So I really want to leverage as much as possible.
So I’m not feeling as much surgical pain, post surgery.
It also just helps decrease any anxiety.
It helps me regulate my nervous system.
It just, it really brings me into a very paralympic state set at stake if you’ve ever gotten acupuncture, you know, I always feel so calm during it and I wanna make sure that I just feel very calm.
I mean, you can get where I’m coming from post surgery.
I will also be getting acupuncture to help blood flow.
I’m gonna help it directly move and circulate and promote circulation and reduce the swelling around the scars that are gonna be helping in my body.
And then I’m also wanna use it as a way to get my organs working properly.
And so something that I’ve learned with breast implants as obviously, they can, breast implant, illness is basically your body reacting to a foreign object and your immune system having a reaction to that.
And the other thing that I’ve learned is that by having breast implants in it blocks a lot your detox pathways and what’s really, really important.
And so with the acupuncture I’m hoping and knowing that it’s going to promote the detox and supporting my body to detox and open up.
But in more addition to that, one of the biggest things that I’ve noticed with breast implants is that my lymphatic system doesn’t work very well.
So like I don’t sweat as well as I used to.
And that’s really in the body to actually sweat.
Sweating means that my body is detoxing and it’s releasing anything within me.
So sweat is really good and I didn’t know that.
And so I will also be getting lymphatic drainage massages.
My goal is to get a total of five.
I’m gonna get one right before the surgery to help my body start to open up and lymphatically drain.
I also do a lot of dry brushing in my day to day.
So I’m gonna double down my double brighter dry brushing before the surgery and post surgery along with the lymphatic drainage massages.
The lymphatic drainage massages are a very specific technique to help the lymphatic drain and the specific practitioner that I go to and have been going to over the last years, he uses sesa sesame seed oil, which is also a detoxing oil and it helps pull any of the toxins that are in your body directly out of your body.
And I actually, but I love working with him because there is a towel that I lay on and I can literally see all of this shit, all of his toxins come out of my body onto the towel.
So I’m gonna be doubling down on that one because even just during surgery, we tend to swell up.
So it’s important to do that.
And so I do have my goal is to go weekly for, for a month after surgery.
That is my intention, which I’m really excited about.
And the guy that I go to, if you guys live in Orange County, you have to see him.
He’s gonna be, he’s currently in sync money.
He’s gonna be moving to Newport and he does come to San Diego every once in a while.
He’s just so good.
Some lymphatic massages that I’ve gotten, just feel like not the best.
And this guy is just so good.
So if you ever need someone, let me know.
And then from a diet perspective, I already do eat like this.
So it’s really difficult for me to add more to it.
But I’m gonna cut back on eating out for the next couple of months to kind of control this.
So I, I am gonna eliminate high inflammatory foods.
So no seed oils, no processed sugars or carbs, no gluten or dairy.
And I already nick and I eat like this.
We eat so clean in our home.
We don’t, we don’t buy processed foods.
We make sure none of our foods has seed oils in them.
We try our best not to eat processed sugars and carbs.
But you know, we like an 8020 split sometimes when we go out we enjoy and we don’t, we don’t care about what seed oils are in the food or which sugars are in the food if we’re getting dessert, like we’re diving in.
But, but because I’m going into surgery, I wanna make sure that I’m not eating as inflammatory foods.
So I’m going to make sure that we’re not eating out as much this next two weeks before surgery, or if I do eat out, I’m gonna find a restaurant and I have a couple of restaurants here that follow the diet that I’m talking about.
And then lastly this product that I’m gonna be taking, it’s called Asia, which Asia, if you haven’t heard of Asia Laia kind of came into our world in the last year because actually more like in the last six months, 11 of my friends is a huge fan of Asia Redox products and she introduced it to me earlier this year.
So let me tell you what Asia is first and how I used it.
So Asia Redox products are the first.
This is according to the website, I’m just going to read it directly from the website Asia Redox mo products are the first and only products on market that contain active redox signals.
Molecules, cellular messenger is vital in protecting rejuvenating and restoring cells.
These molecules native to the human body are created through a groundbreaking patent process that reorganizes molecules of natural salt and purified water in redo signaling molecules.
And so the best way that I understand Asia and how these work now, I’ve been how someone has shared it to me is that our body has a number of cells.
And throughout the time of just the day of being bored, we end up having cells that work well.
We have cells that work really well.
We have cells that don’t work at all and we have cells that are working kind of half assed.
And there are some cells in our body, for example, that are not working and there are some cells in our body that are kind of half ass working.
And someone she described it to me, a friend described it to me as like, you know, that vacuum that you have at home and you, you have a vacuum at home that kind of works doesn’t work and you still use it like it kind of picks up some of the stuff off the ground, but it doesn’t fully pick up everything off the ground and you keep using it.
So we have a lot of cells like that in our bodies, especially if we’re dealing with diseases or illnesses or constantly getting or, or our immune system is compromised or you’ve had trauma to the body and things like that.
And with a, a, it helps, basically rejuvenate all of your cells and your cells get to a place really strong where they can go actually heal the areas in your body that need, help the parts of your body that you have an S OS.
So if you have organs that aren’t working, it’s really good for your immune system.
It helps a lot of people detox.
I mean, there’s a list of things and the testimonials are absolutely amazing.
Not gonna lie.
When I first heard of it, I was like, I take a lot of supplements.
I’ve learned so many little things.
Like, I don’t know if I really trust this.
It’s just basically water because it looks like water and basically very salty water with molecules or redox molecules within the water.
So about back in June or July, I’m blinking Nick and I went to a wedding in Maine right before that, I started taking progesterone because I’ve realized that I’m really low in progesterone.
And so I started taking progesterone.
I took too much progesterone and my body had an autoimmune response.
My immune system was basically feeling attached for how much progesterone I had in my body and I broke out in this really crazy rash.
I thought it was eczema.
I don’t know if it’s eczema.
I don’t know what it was, but it was super itchy all over my body.
And I was so scared that I was having an autoimmune response and I already have autoimmune diseases in my family line.
Like my mom has lupus, my mom’s sister has psoriasis.
And so an autoimmune disease for me is not like a far stretch.
And I wouldn’t be surprised that, I mean, I do know that I have some of the genetics for it.
And so when that went through that, I was like, what the heck, I was so scared.
I was like, what’s happening to me?
And I went to my friend and she was like, you have to take a CIA here, take it home with you.
And I tried it for a month and literally you guys, it cleared me up.
Nothing else was working and this cleared me up, all of my rashes completely went away.
She even told me she’s like, put the water directly on your rashes.
And I was like, OK.
And so I would put it like on the ones that were super flared up the night before and I would wake up and they were gone.
It was wild.
And so I trusted Asia and I saw it really implement me.
So I’m taking a, a specifically because obviously the breast implants can impact your immune system.
And so I really want to use a, a to help me heal any immune system, compromises that any compromise that my immune system has been under for the last 10 plus years as well as I’m gonna take ac a for a while.
And I just want to, you know, vitality and health and wealth means so much to me.
So that’s one big thing.
So CIA also helps you just detox from anything that’s coming within you.
It’s a product that you can honestly take for a long period of time.
A lot of Olympians actually take a CAA lot of people just keep ac in their products in their, in their back pocket is a product that is just changing the world for them.
So I’m gonna start taking S A before and after surgery.
And then Asia also has a gel and so a lot of, I don’t believe in like Botox or anything like that.
I am very on the natural holistic side of things never got Botox done.
And so, or even when it comes to like products for my face, like I don’t do anything that is not natural.
I’m usually looking for products that all come with like very natural elements or the ingredients.
I know I don’t really purchase products that don’t have ingredients that I don’t know what’s in them.
And as has a gel and so a lot of people use it for their face and for their skin, but I’m also gonna be using it for my scars.
So I’m gonna be using a a to help me with healing my scars directly on my breast.
And so that is what I’m gonna be using the Aia gel for, I think it’s called Renewed 28 or 23.
So that’s what I’m gonna be doing and then post surgery.
you know, I’m also prepared for any of the emotional stuff to come up.
So I’m gonna be supported in this way.
And if needed, I will be doing somatic sessions with the mentors that I go to or I will be doing some kind of probably ceremony in the new year.
I can kind of feel like that might be a thing that I might be doing.
I’m just gonna let my body lead me to the direction and there’s no part of me that’s not gonna lean into it.
Like I have truly financially prepared for this season of healing.
I’ve mentally prepared for this season of healing.
And I really just wanted to share this with everyone that is interested in knowing how I’m preparing for the surgery specifically.
Now, none of this is medical advice.
Again, none of this is the, the way that you have to do things.
But I wanted to give you guys some ideas to think about.
And yeah, you know, I love health.
And so if you ever need any, any help or guidance when it comes to health, my boyfriend, my partner, he is going to school to become a naturopathic doctor.
I also know a ton of healers and practitioners that I always can always connect you with.
And yeah, let me know if you found this really helpful.
Again, you can take away some of these really fun ideas and things that I’m lifting for just for any surgery.
And yeah, well, thank you so much for listening.
I’m so excited.
I look forward to the next episode because we are going to be talking more about body love and how to love your body.
And then at the end of this month, I am going to share with you guys how I’m feeling post surgery and what that actually was like.
So keep an ear out and that’s what you can expect for the next couple of episodes.
Please share this with anyone that you think would benefit from these episodes and sending you so much love into your week.
Thank you again for listening and we’ll chat soon.

Episode Highlights:

  • Clearing her calendar to reduce stress before surgery
  • Processing emotions through somatic therapy and anger release
  • Seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist to align her body
  • Getting lymphatic drainage massages to detox and reduce swelling
  • Following an anti-inflammatory diet to support healing
  • Taking supplements like Asea to strengthen her immune system
  • Planning aftercare like therapy and ceremonies to support her healing

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Introduction
0:42 – Gratitude for supportive response to her decision
1:49 – Her pre-surgery preparation routine
2:29 – Researching surgery trauma and mind-body connection
3:53 – Her first preparation priority: managing stress
4:32 – The emotional initiation of this journey
5:38 – Physical preparation: seeing a chiropractor
6:23 – Physical preparation: acupuncture
7:30 – Lymphatic drainage impairment from breast implants
9:17 – Supplement regimen: ASEA redox signaling molecules
11:07 – Breast implants compromising immune function


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