The Power of More: Personal Growth and Creating Meaningful Connections

Written by: Karenna Soto
The Fully Expressed Podcast
The Fully Expressed Podcast
The Power of More: Personal Growth and Creating Meaningful Connections

Have you ever felt stuck in your life? Perhaps in your relationships or your business?

You’re not alone.

We’ve all been there, wondering if this is all there is or if there could be more – more joy, more purpose, more ‘yumminess’.

Join us as we discuss our common struggles and learn how you can create a life that truly resonates with you.

Embrace a life of possibilities as we journey through the intricacies of finding our place in life when we are unsure of our path. Learn how to navigate the structure of your life to discover your creativity and expression.

I share the significance of self-questioning and introspection about what brings you joy and how to achieve both the successes and relationships you desire in your life. You’ll also hear about the importance of community and connection in my personal growth journey.

Be a part of this insightful conversation and learn to make meaningful connections that will enrich your life and propel your personal growth.

You can read the full podcast transcript for this episode below:

0:00:00 – Speaker 1
Welcome to the Fully Expressed Podcast with Karenna. I’m here to invite you into your fullest expression and life, relationships and business, and to inspire you into that next step of your evolution. So thanks for tuning in.
All right, you guys, today is a day of recording episodes, and if only you knew what I’m wearing right now. So I’m wearing this really big t-shirt and I have my really good friend Lizzie. She got us all of these. I don’t know if you guys know my friend Lizzie, but you probably have. Maybe you don’t, but if you don’t know her, she’s my really good friend from college and she, for her bachelorette, bought us these really big t-shirts with different animal prints on them. Each, every single bachelorette that was there or bridesmaids that was there, got a different animal print of what she reminded of, the animal that reminds her of us or us to her. Sorry, guys, I’m clearly not getting that right, but basically I’m wearing this massive t-shirt and it has a Frenchie on the on the front of it, because clearly my family reminds her of Frenchies. I have a Frenchie, my sister has a Frenchie, my mom has a Frenchie, we love Frenchies, we love Bulldogs, we love those really smush faces. So just imagine me wearing this big t-shirt and I have this green chlorophyll mask on that. I’m wearing that I absolutely love. I’ll make sure I’m totally blanking on the brand that I got it from, but I will make sure it’s something local for you in the show notes, just in case you want to. But it’s my favorite chlorophyll green mask and since I mean honestly, since I’m not recording these videos at this time, I would still show up like this on that video and I wish you just could see me. So just imagine me sharing this with you as I dive into it.
But for today’s podcast, this is going to be very specific and available to anyone that needs a gentle reminder or an encouragement that there is more for you. There is more for you in this world, there is more for you in life, there is more for you in business, there’s more for you in relationship. And if you find yourself asking the questions of is this how life is? Why is life so hard? Why are relationships so hard? Why do I keep attracting the same men in my life or women in my life? Why do I keep repeating the same patterns? Why, you know you’re just asking all these questions.
And then there’s also a part of you that is looking for something more right. Maybe you’re on the cusp. You started to have some kind of conversations. You’re starting to realize that there’s another way of being, there’s another way of showing up, there’s more to life, there’s depth to life and right now you might be experiencing something really tough, or in an unhealthy relationship, or just living a bleh life, right, and life just doesn’t feel good to you. Your business doesn’t feel good to you, your career doesn’t feel good to you, your life don’t feel good to you, but you feel like that’s the way it has to be and part of you feels like this is the way it’s always gonna be, and you’re just kind of running contently in this energy of I’m just here, I’m just going through the circles every single day. I wake up, go to work, work out, go to sleep and then do it all over the next day, and then I have a family and maybe I have kids and I’m just going to the next and the next and there’s no sense of how do I say super yumminess in your life.
And maybe you feel sprinkles of the yumminess, of the joy, of the happiness, of moments of like, yes, I’m just beyond this, but most of the time it feels a little bit more gray, a little bit more like you’re questioning yourself a little bit more, like I feel like this is just what it is. So, again, you feel meh, I guess that’s the best way. Or you feel mid. I don’t know if you guys have heard this new term terminology that the kids are using these days well, I’m clearly getting old, but they’re starting to use the word mid and so life just feels mid to you right now. And that can also be like where life just doesn’t necessarily feel bad, it doesn’t necessarily feel great either, it’s just mid.
So, if you’re listening to this and you’re in this space right now, or if you think of someone that is going through something like this, like hey, tune in, listen in and feel free to share this with them, invite them into this space, into this container, into this conversation with us, because I want to tell you right now, if you are listening to this, that there is more for you. Every part of my body right now, in this moment, I have tears coming to my eyes as I say that there is more for you. If you want more, there is more. If you have a sense of whisper that is knocking at your door and saying, hey, there’s another way to do this, there is something else that’s available to you that you haven’t tapped into yet. There is a feeling that you haven’t felt yet. There is a sense of safety and groundedness and peace and aliveness and joy. That’s available to you If you are starting to hear those whispers beautiful, amazing you have found yourself an opportunity to listen to the whispers, to find out what the whispers mean, to get curious with the whisper.
Ooh, there’s so much yumminess and curiosity, you guys, yes, it’s a little edgy, yes, it’s a little scary and unknown, but, damn, there is a curiosity. And that curiosity, especially with the whispers that come back over and over and over again, there’s something so deep there for you to explore that is worth exploring. And so, to give you a little bit of light to maybe why I’m getting a little emotional as I speak about this, because there’s a couple things. One, I get a little there’s a little bit of frustration with the way that our role is set up to not show us light into some of the things that I really wish was talked about more. They’re the types of things that I wish. These are the types of things that people talk to you and class and college and high school. They’re the kinds of lessons that are so meant to be in that life Bible that there are. No one created Right? No one gives you a guide to life. But this is one of the episodes that I wish was in that guide. If there was one, if there was a guide, a lesson book or just an overall good view of what’s available to you, this episode would for sure be in there as a chapter. And I say that because it’s so imperative for us to know that that’s available to us.
We live sometimes so looking back in my life right now and kind of bringing myself to a place where I didn’t even know this was available, and I just live my life normal quote unquote. Normal life Dated and I had relationships. They were fun and exciting, they were mid. There was a lot of hurt, a lot of pain throughout life. There was a lot of questioning and understanding, but I followed the path. I did what you were supposed to do go to high school, go to college, get a degree, find a job, get a corporate, throw the corporate ladder, do all those things I did. What quote unquote the equation of success looks like, but as a part of that, the one piece I feel like was forgotten to share was really an encouraging someone to explore their creativity, their expression, their essence and what that really means to that one person.
So, as I go back, I wish someone asked me the questions of who are you, what do you want to do? And I’m not saying like what do you want to do in life? But like what makes you feel alive, what brings you happiness, what brings you joy, what is the one thing that feels like a spiritual, freaking transmission when you do it? What are the things in life that create that for you? Those are the kinds of questions I wish someone asked me, because in that there’s more and structure that our world has created.
I believe in structure. I’m totally here for the masculine and feminine to find flow, and we do need structure to guide us, at least as human beings. It’s a lot easier to have some kind of structure, some kind of ABCD step, if you will. And this is why these conversations and this part of the journey that gets a little bit difficult, because, at the end of the day, maybe someone did it a certain way, but it isn’t the only way. It’s about your way of going about things, about your story. It’s not so much. Well, if you have a, then you add B, you’ll get C. I mean, realistically, it’s about where you’re at your journey. You can have X plus Y equals D, you know, but it’s different for every single person. But what I do know, I pee in the day.
If you are freaking curious about what else is available to you and you feel mid in your life, you feel like life is mid, or you feel like life is awful or hard or difficult and challenging. There is another way and I wanna remind you of that today. I want you to know that that’s available to you, because you are wildly capable of anything and everything that comes your way, that you come across, that you come up against, and you are so capable of handling any whisper or invitation that your soul asks you to look into, to take a peek, to start to understand, to unravel, and in that, yes, there’s gonna be so much of undoing that you’ll have to go through, but when you go for it from a place of knowing that that’s available to you, you don’t have to go through anything. You get to go through everything. You get to go through the undoing, you get to be with these parts of you that are asking of you to be here, expressed in whatever way is possible, and if you are searching for a really type of partnership or relationship and there’s a lot of parts of you that feel like they’re a stretch to reach, I say reach. I say go, go for it, no matter how much of a stretch it feels like. Don’t wait for anything less than that, because you are deserving of more. You are so deserving of more. And I will also say you are so deserving of more as you are today, so you don’t have to feel like you’re ready for more or that you have to show up in a certain way or to be perfect for the more. All you have to do, all that’s available to you, is gonna be found in the curiosity, in the willingness and in the desire to find and create what you want, and so the same thing applies for your life. If you’re wanting to live a life a certain way, if you’re wanting to create life, feel in a certain way, whether that’s exhilarating and joyful and peaceful and grounded and alive and joyful and consistent, and all the things at once, you can have it all. So sometimes, if I found myself when I was going to do this journey and you might be in this too, is that you’re living kind of more in this either, or mindset.
I wanna encourage you that you can have both. You can have it all, because in life it’s about and and people don’t share you that with you it’s almost like, well, if I’m successful, then I can’t have the relationship of my dreams because the time that I put into my business and my career and my success is gonna take over the relationship that I want. So I’m gonna compromise relationship I want just so I can be successful, or vice versa. I’m gonna end up having to compromise my successes because of the relationship that I want. And I wanna challenge you on this podcast and remind you I’m gonna call it bullshit. I’m sorry because it is bullshit, but you feel like you have to have one or the other. Because I know you can have both. Why not have both? Why not have the successes? Why not have the relationship of your dreams? Why not have the light of your dreams? And why not it be? I get to have the relationship that I want, the successes that I want in my life, and I get to have anything else that I want. You can have it all.
Just take a minute, if you’re listening to this podcast to start to think about. Imagine what would life feel like if you had the relationship of your dreams and a life and the home and the friendships and the successes. What would that look like? How would that feel? Imagine, for a second, having the relationship that you’ve always wanted, where you feel safe, grounded, inspired, alive. You feel so passionate about your relationship, so passionate about your work and you feel so passionate and grounded with yourself too.
So now we’re saying you can get all these external things and you also get to be included in that. You don’t have to leave yourself behind. What if that was available to you? What would you be doing right now? How would you start showing up if you could live a life of ands instead of what, if, or instead of either, or If you go into life, relationships and business from a place of and I want this and that, all right, get this.
And that you will start to create your own secret sauce and your own equation to how to live a life that meets you and meets every part of you, in that Every part of you gets to be expressed, every part of you gets to be seen. Every part of you gets to do that. The only person that gets to give you permission to do that is yourself. The only person that has to say yes to more is you, because, if not, at the end of the day, you are just robbing yourself of what’s available to you. It is costing you something by living in this either or kind of mindset what if you can have all of it? What if you can have both?
So I say that because I think the secret here is, as you’re starting to create more for your life. One, obviously, if you’re curious or can lean in. Two, start to decide what does the more look like for you? Start to envision that, write that down, explain that. And then three, when you’re ever faced with a either or type of thing or you have multiple parts of you playing in a role, ask yourself the question of how can I create space for this part of me to be true, as well as creating this part of me to be true to what would life look like? How would I go about this if both of these parts of me were available to me? How would I live my life if all of this was available to me? What would I do? What would that be? And show up. How would you show up if you were able to receive both or just receive all? Especially when you’re up against these types of conversations or decisions, or struggling up against how can you honor all parts of you in that moment?
It’s hard to get curious about that and create space for both, and so I wanted to really share this with you today in this short clip, because, one, this first step, is knowing that there is more for you and getting really curious about what that looks like for you and your life and your business and your relationships. And then, two, as you continue to evolve, reminding yourself that there’s still more you’re going to get to as you live this beautiful life in this human body that we have on earth, and get to continue to explore new parts of yourself. As you continue to evolve as a human being, as a partner, as an employee, as a CEO, as a mother, as a father, as a child, as a daughter, as a son, whatever that looks like for you and any of those relationships or containers you will constantly be around evolution and all of that and also in the relationship that you have with yourself. As you live this life, as you experience new things, as you become aware of, there is room for you to explore more and that personal evolution of yours, and so that is available to you. And, if you’re honestly asking me, I think that’s what life is about.
Life is about exploring these parts of you, meeting the envious parts of you, getting to know and get curious and see if that this is a right fit or not, creating relationships that feel good, life that feels good, businesses that feel good and also being with all the stuff that comes with it, that comes along with it, because this is the part of life’s journey. We get to be with what life gives us and we get to also create from the place that we know, from our deepest knowings. And as you go through these practices, as you go through this opportunity of exploring more for yourself, as you go through taking that next step in this journey and just moving the needle forward a little bit, you will create a different relationship with yourself. You will start to get more practiced at exploring that more, at seeing what is a good fit for you, at knowing when you’re the curiosity is and knowing what resonates with you and exploring that whole process for yourself. But the very first step is just deciding and knowing that there’s more, and taking a step in that direction.
And as you take a step in that direction, as you walk the walk towards something that you’re curious about or something that you want to create, you know, literally learning how to give yourself grace as you move through that, and also really getting good at what is meant for you and what’s not meant for you, and being open and available to whatever the journey has for you. As you lean into that curiosity, as you open new doors, as you walk through the doors into a new house and create a new, different world within your world, because that’s what gets to come with more. And through every new door you walk through, through every sense of curiosity, through every new layer that you shed or every part of your journey that comes to undoing, there is so much little aliveness that comes from it. On the other side, there’s so much that you get to learn about yourself from experiences, and it’s in the experiencing of things that we know. So often we want to know if something’s for us before we even experience it, but how can you know if you don’t try or explore it or try to understand it? And so, yeah, I think that’s what I really wanted to share with you today. So just really tuning into this part of you that wants more. Get a little curious about what that means to you. Write it down and go for it. Go create it, go search for it, go find it. Live your life in the direction that you feel called to feel. Feel called to share to live the more. So. Thanks so much for tuning in.
I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up now. If you found this episode super helpful, or if it gave you that little sense of sparkle that you need, that little sense of spark to light your fire to go after what you’ve been wanting in your life, in your business and in relationships, leave a comment For me on Instagram, send me a DM, write a review or share this with a friend and talk to them about it. Share with them what you want more of. Start to add these kinds of conversations with your people. Bring someone else into your inspiration and go create it, go after it. Start to take one step in that direction. That’s all it takes. And by sharing this with someone, by having the conversations, by getting someone in your corner about this that you feel safe with to talk about these things, that is taking a step in the right direction, and so don’t let the more I mean I’ll leave this with you guys one last thing Don’t let the more that’s available for you or the curiosity that you have or the opportunities that are in front of you stop you from exploring the more, from exploring what’s available to you to exploring the invitation that is right in front of you.
All right, so thanks so much again for listening to the Thboli Express podcast. Make sure you tune into the next one. I’ll always come to you with some solo episodes. I’ve got some guests coming on, so it’s just going to be a really fun ride. And, as always, you know, I love to hear from you, love to hear your feedback and, if anything that really stood out, we can cultivate this experience in this container for you as a listener, and this really gives me the opportunity to guide you. So lots of love for you today. Go find your more, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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