Reclaiming Feminine Power in Transforming Marriage and Sex Life

When Luci’s husband first got sick, she didn’t know how to handle it. After years of relying on him as her rock—outsourcing her own happiness, peace, and pleasure to him—Luci felt lost without that stability. Meanwhile, she was pregnant with their fourth baby and had just developed an autoimmune disease herself. It was her wake-up call.

Luci realized she couldn’t go on ignoring her own needs while making Ryan responsible for her well-being. And with him physically and emotionally unable to anchor her during that difficult period, something had to shift within her.

That’s when Luci’s journey of feminine embodiment began. She started looking outside the boundaries of her faith for answers. She began reconnecting to her body through self-pleasure and solitary practices. Embraced her “inner slut” and wild feminine energy. Parts of herself she’d previously kept hidden came bursting forward!

It got messy at first. Luci swung the other way—becoming cold and distrustful, trying to prove “I don’t need no man.” But underneath, her fear of abandonment was running the show.

Through tons of conflict, pre-mature reactions, and repetitions, putting new relational skills into practice, Luci and Ryan learned how to show up for each other in a whole new way. Here are 3 key lessons that transformed their marriage and sex life:

Create Safety for Vulnerability

The foundation was Luci feeling safe to express her authentic self—including the parts she thought Ryan might reject or judge. She had to get comfortable with that discomfort! Similarly, as Ryan felt safer in Luci’s presence, he began revealing more layers of himself as well.

Luci learned that feminine energy deeply craves the fullness of masculine energy. And masculine energy wants full acceptance from the feminine. It’s an intricate dance of revealing and choosing without judgment.

Communicate From the Heart, Not Fear

Instead of communicating from fear or trying to problem-solve each other’s pain, Luci and Ryan started speaking their truth from a grounded place of love. Staying present with each other’s emotional experiences without getting triggered or losing themselves.

Luci had to learn to witness Ryan’s feelings without immediately wanting to “fix it.” And Ryan had to allow Luci to emotionally process out loud without taking it all on as his own.

Infuse Your Whole Lives with Erotic Aliveness

When Luci and Ryan began truly seeing each other daily—hugging, flirting, emotionally checking in—it created space for erotic connection. They didn’t just “get intimate” right before having sex.

Making pleasure & playfulness a way of life keeps their passion alive. It allows sexuality to unfold organically like an ever-present stream…not something to be turned on/off.

The more Luci learned to open herself to receiving pleasure, the more it translated into receiving inspiration in business too! Now she understands how embracing the “feminine flow” creates space for creativity and prosperity.

In the end, Luci found happiness and wholeness within herself—a place no one can take away. Her inner work strengthened her marriage, family, health, and purpose like nothing else. She’s so grateful for the wake up call that started it all!

Now Luci gets to teach other women how to reclaim their feminine power and wild sexuality too. Because the more whole we become, the more love and healing we bring to the world. The more we uplift our partners, children, and communities. It starts with each woman daring to embody her truth.

How have you nurtured vulnerability in your relationships? Share your lessons below!

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