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There’s More Waiting For You – If You’re Willing To Explore It

Sisters, gather ‘round and get cozy. I’ve got an important message to share with you today.

If you feel like something is missing in your life…if you find yourself wondering, “Is this all there is?”…if you have a sneaking suspicion you’re meant for more but don’t know where to start – well, this one’s for you.

I want you to know that there is more waiting for you. More fulfillment, more vibrancy, more LIFE. You just have to be willing to uncover it – and that starts by listening to the whispers calling you towards it.

Let Me Back Up…

To understand where I’m coming from, let me give you some backstory. Not too long ago, I was living life on autopilot. I followed the standard “life blueprint” society laid out – go to high school, go to college, get a job, find a life partner, pop out some kids, and work 9-5 until you can finally retire.

On paper, everything in my life looked pretty good. I checked all the typical boxes for “success” – good relationships, a decent career, active social life.

But on the inside, I felt empty. Insecure. Lonely and disconnected – even when surrounded by friends and loved ones.

I constantly tried to earn validation from others by being everything they needed. I put 110% of my energy into pleasing people and meeting their needs, desperately hoping they would love and accept me in return.

I had no real sense of identity outside of the roles I played and the masks I wore. I just did what I thought I was “supposed” to do.

Then, something shifted…

When The Whispers Of More Came Calling

I started hearing whispers that there might be something more out there for me. I felt little sparks of curiosity about what else might be possible.

It was unsettling yet strangely exciting. Like having a friend pull you aside and say “Hey, there’s this amazing secret I can’t wait to share with you!”

I realized that while my life looked fine on the outside, I wasn’t truly happy or fulfilled on the inside. I began questioning why I was living life according to everyone else’s rules and expectations when it wasn’t working for ME.

What did I enjoy? What lit me up? What was my unique purpose? I had no freaking clue.

So I decided to find out.

It Hasn’t Been A Smooth Journey…But So Worth It

Here’s the thing, though – pursuing this “more” hasn’t been a smooth, easy upward journey.

There have been backslides, doubts, and growing pains. Times I clung to what was familiar and safe rather than risking the unknown.

But each time I leaned into those whispers of “more” calling to me, I uncovered buried parts of myself.

I shed old stories and masks that were keeping me small. Bit by bit, I dismantled aspects of my life that weren’t true to me and built up a life that felt more authentic.

Getting intimate with my shadow, facing my fears, and embracing change has been scary! But the freedom, vibrancy, and self-love I’ve found on the other side make any temporary discomfort so freaking worth it.

You Deserve To Have It All, Sis!

My point in sharing this with you is that there is MORE out there waiting for you, too!

More vibrancy, more excitement, more abundance, more joy, more LIFE.

But first, you’ve got to get curious, tune into those subtle whispers in your soul, and start taking baby steps to explore them.

You don’t have to upend your whole existence overnight totally. Making small but intentional tweaks in how you show up each day creates massive change over time.

Here’s the other thing I want you to know – you can have it ALL.

You don’t have to choose between having an epic career and having an amazing romantic relationship.

You don’t have to sacrifice self-care to be a great mom to your kids.

You don’t have to conform to anyone else’s standards or rules for how your life “should” look.

Your version of “more” might look totally different from someone else’s. Only YOU get to define what fulfillment and success mean for you.

Write your own rules, sister!

The only thing required is that you are open to the possibility that you can create anything you truly desire in your life.

Then, take it one day at a time, getting a little closer to your version of “more” each day.

The More You Seek Is Already Within You

Here’s the deal – the more you seek is already inside you, simply waiting to be uncovered and unlocked.

No one else can tell you exactly what it looks like for you or how to find it – only YOU have the map within.

Begin by getting curious about what “more” means specifically for YOU.

Tune into the subtle whispers of your soul your deepest desires, and take one small step today to honor them.

The more you lean into those whispers and take action on them consistently, the more you’ll come alive!

You deserve a life overflowing with passion, purpose, and excitement. Don’t settle for less.

Want the full story of my journey to living “more”? Check out Episode 3 of The Fully Expressed Podcast by Karenna, where I share all the details.

Until then, I wish for you the courage to explore YOUR unique version of “more” – and the trust that you absolutely can create it.

May we all choose truth, full expression, and lives bursting with joy!

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